Parenting a College Student

family_photoParenting a College Student is Hard

Here are a few things college students struggle with and could use your guidance on.

Doing laundry.
Make sure your student knows how to do their own laundry before going away to school. Understanding what clothing labels say, how to separate clothing and how to operate the machines. Let them practice with you before leaving home.

Sharing a room.
College may be the first time that your student has to share their personal space with another person. You should try teaching them about respecting another person's personal space, setting boundaries, utilizing residence life resources and conflict management skills for any issues that could arise when sharing a space.

Scheduling your own health appointments and managing prescriptions.
Scheduling your own appointment for the first time can be scary to a student. You can help them by making sure they have and understand their medical and family medical history and insurance documents. Allow them to practice calling and scheduling appointments with you before they come to school and learn the schools health facilities. This will build confidence and independence for when they arrive. 

Connecting with staff, faculty and resources on campus.
College is their time to become independent and see out help and solutions to problems. Ensure your student is comfortable and capable of reaching out to campus resources and personnel, and knows where these resources are and what they can do.

Living within a budget.
Try out this clip on budgeting for yourself during college here
Check out a guide to credit cards and using credit cards here
View a free credit report and show your student how here.
Utilize this free class in personal finance from the Ramsey Foundation here. The class code is 538827. 

Personal property and safety.
Make sure your student understands their safetey and secuirty responisbilities when they live away from home. Lock their door, keep an eye on their belongings and keep track of keys. Take a look at TU’s  Annual Security Report & Annual Fire Safety Report and familairize them with our Campus Securty Office .