Bachelor of Arts

Psychology with a concentration in Experimental Psychology

The mysteries of the human mind might never be found. But research encompassing thought and behavior in TU’s experimental psychology program will prepare you for a career in criminal justice, counseling or social services. With a focus on the understanding of terrorism and violence, addictions and human nature, You will leave our campus armed with knowledge to help your fellow human beings.

The Experimental Psychology Concentration provides an in-depth study of psychology as a science, including additional instruction in hypothesis testing, empirical methods, and the experimental areas of psychology. Students in this concentration will complete and present an original psychological research project.

Core Curriculum of the School of Arts & Sciences 49 hours
Psychology Major 24 hours
Concentration 24 hours

  • MAT373 Applied Statistics II 
  • PSY333 Experimental Psychology 
  • SCS491 Senior Seminar I
  • SCS492 Senior Seminar II 
  • One of the following:
    • CSL430 Cultural Competence in Counseling 
    • SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society
  • Three of the following:
    • FOR344 Psychology of Violence and Aggression  
    • PSY320 Motivational Psychology 
    • PSY363 Cognitive Psychology 
    • PSY364 Evolutionary Psychology 
    • PSY390 Special Topics 
    • PSY445 Psychometrics 
    • FOR, CSL, or PSY (200-400 approved by Advisor) 
    • SCS470 Internship

Total BA hours 121-123 hours

This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

On Campus - Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of January and August

Introduction to Professional Practices (PSY2013) - Majors in human services and psychology learn the career opportunities, problems, methods and thinking styles of professionals in their fields. Students participate in classroom debates on topics of current concern in modern psychology and human services, practice the writing style of the American Psychological Association and acquire effective methods for developing a professional résumé. Guest speakers, field trips and other out-of-class experiences expand students’ understanding of the diversity and challenges of modern behavioral science and practice. This is a writing intensive course.

Theories of Personality (PSY263) - An overview of historical and current theories regarding personality formation and development and methods of measuring personality characteristics. Psychodynamic, humanistic, behaviorist, trait and cognitive approaches are discussed.

Lifespan Development (PSY2653) - This course takes a life span approach in studying human development from conception through death. Students will examine the major theories and scientific research findings on our physical, cognitive, social and personality development.

  • Addictions or Mental Health Case Manager
  • Adoption Agencies
  • Child Development Specialist
  • Community Organizer
  • Cultural-Diversity Trainer
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Foster Care Organizations
  • Graduate School
  • Head Start Programs
  • Hospice Centers
  • International Organizations
  • Mental Health Organizations
  • Nursing Homes
  • Program Evaluator
  • Psychoeducational Specialist
  • Research and People-Oriented Jobs in the Criminal Justice and Business Fields (e.g. Human Resources)
  • Residential Manager of Group Homes
  • Social Services Coordinator
  • Victim Services Organizations


  • "I chose Tiffin University because I heard so many great things about it from other students. Now that I am here, I am very happy. TU has numerous resources on campus, such as the Pfeiffer Library and Student Success Center. These places offer assistance for all of my academic needs."

         - Ali Alshehri, Saudi Arabia

    TU helped grow my network and give me experience by meeting students from other cultures and countries, and learning from a range of professors. Anyone who wants to feel connected to their fellow students, to their personable professors, and the community
  • “I was faced with the pressure of being the very first to graduate from college in my immediate family. Not coming from a wealthy or 'well off' background, college was just a very faint thought, even approaching my senior year in high school. I dealt with self-esteem issues throughout my high school career and I found it hard to see myself anywhere than where I was. My perceived challenges were rooted from me and my surrounding circumstances. Here at TU, I was able to overcome my fears and put myself in a position that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Becoming a Dragon was the best decision I have ever made.”

    Nellene Arnett
    Class of 2017
    Toledo, Ohio

    Students in game room
  • Omar Alfehri
    "Tiffin is a small and very safe town. It is closely located to three international airports. People who live in this town are very friendly and open-minded to other cultures. As an international student, Tiffin University has been a good decision for me.”

    - Omar Alfehri, Saudi Arabia

    Omar Alfehri
  • I knew Tiffin University was the place for me the second I stepped foot on campus. I toured a handful of other universities offering similar programs, but TU was the only school that truly made me feel at home.

    -Caleb Reynolds '15

    TU helped grow my network and give me experience by meeting students from other cultures and countries, and learning from a range of professors. Anyone who wants to feel connected to their fellow students, to their personable professors, and the community
  • Jessica Paule - Class of 2015
    "Tiffin University is the college that has helped me grow into the person that I am today. While at Tiffin, I have made unforgettable memories and friends. I continued my education at The University of Toledo College of Law. Although I am moving on, I will never forget everything I have gained from my time at Tiffin University."

    – Jessica Paule, Class of 2015

    Jessica Paule - Class of 2015

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