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Google Account Policy

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Tiffin University has an agreement with Google, that provides free education email services to current students and employees. In order to adhere to our agreement with Google, alumni, former students and retired or former employees will no longer be allowed use of Tiffin University’s email and associated services, effective November 30, 2019.

Beginning November 30, 2019, network and email accounts for TU alumni, former students and retired or former employees will be deactivated. These populations will be encouraged to migrate their TU email to another account, to download any content from Google Drive and move or copy any important contact information. Tiffin University will not forward or have any responsibility for this information once the account has been disabled and removed. Our ITS team is ready and willing to help anyone who reaches out with questions or concerns, if they should arise. Please feel free to contact them at

Tiffin University Email Policy FAQs

I am a graduate and/or former employee. Why is TU deleting my University email account when I still use it?
The accounts are free educational accounts as a part of Google Education Suite. Tiffin University is not in compliance with the regulations stated in our agreement. Google will only allow TU to maintain accounts for current students and employees.

I was told I would have my email address forever. Why is this changing?
Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication regarding the agreement. We are taking steps to make sure future alumni are aware that their accounts will be deleted shortly after graduation.

Is there an option to keep my email?
Yes, there is, and we have considered it. Currently, we have over 35,000 active email addresses. In order to keep them all and still be secure, TU would need to invest just under $11 million a year ($25 per month per user). This annual cost would grow in time as more Dragons graduated, too, and therefore is not financially sustainable.

Haven’t I paid enough to get to keep my email?
We understand education is costly, and this is why we diligently work to control university-operating costs. Your tuition helped provide opportunities for you and your fellow Dragons while maintaining and improving all the running parts of the University. Since our current email services are free, we would be adding the cost of funding email accounts for all alumni and former faculty and staff, which would have a huge impact on the operating budget.

Could I pay for my own email address?
Unfortunately, that is not an option. We either have to pay for all the 35,000+ email addresses or pay for none of them. TU cannot sell Microsoft or Google services to alumni or retirees. Doing so would violate the University’s contracts and agreements with those companies.

But I use this for everything! How am I supposed to switch it all?
We understand it does take effort on your part to switch email addresses, and we appreciate your understanding with regard to this situation. We would make the switch for you if we could. You can also find help for transferring your content here:

What exactly are the Google Regulations?
We are only allowed to have current student and employee accounts. Google regulations bar alumni groups from using Google Education Suite emails. You can read more here:

Why wasn’t this addressed earlier?
We have been trying to find a solution that would allow you to keep your emails. Time has run out on us, and Google has instructed us to comply with our agreement and its regulations.

Why isn’t there a forwarding option?
An account is not considered closed by Google until it is removed. In order to comply with Google, we must remove these accounts as soon as possible.

What happens if I try to access my email or someone emails me after November 30, 2019?
You will be denied access to the email. The person emailing you will receive a message that states “Message not delivered.”

What about my apps and music connected to my TU email account?
You don’t have to lose your apps or music! Although Google doesn’t allow you to transfer your apps between accounts, due to copyright issues, you can add both your TU email account and your new email account to your phone. Use your TU account to access your current apps and use your new account to access new apps. The same works for music, too. This guide will help you:

  1. Use the signature feature in your email and add in a message that announces that your email address will change soon. Include your new address and effective date.
  2. Utilize third-party sites such as to find out what mailing lists you are a part of and what accounts may be attached to your email. You can also find apps tied to your account through From there, you can note the ones you want to keep and update your email address.
  3. Transfer all your data from your account into the new account. You can do so by either downloading your data or, if choosing Gmail, transferring your data from one account to the other. This will take time, so please do not rush it. This link will help you do either
  4. To select only certain photos, documents, etc. to transfer to your new account, follow these steps. This will only work if you chose to utilize Gmail.

Google Drive:

  1. Place all files into a folder in your Google Drive.
  2. Select the folder, right click and select share. Type in your new email address. Click on Advanced. Under Shared settings change the permission to “Is Owner.”
  3. Then press send.
  4. Log into your new email account and find the Google Drive. Click on the “Shared with me” filter on the left sidebar to quickly locate the newly shared folder.
  5. Google Drive will not let you make a copy of the folder, but you can copy the files within the folder to put them into your new Google Drive.

Google Photos:

  1. Open Google Photos and select Albums from the left-side menu.
  2. Click on the share icon at the top. Select the photos you want to transfer (if all, select the first photo and scroll to the end. Hold shift and select the last photo).
  3. Click the Download button. Let them download.
  4. Open up your new email’s Google Photos and drag the images to an album to upload them.
  5. Let your contacts know that your email is changing. This could be done through an e- blast. An easier way to do this would be to go into Google Contacts and create a group of those you contact regularly. Google makes this easy by having a Frequently Contacted tab in the sidebar. Then, send an email to yourself and BCC the group. You can type in the group name, and it will appear.
  6. Turn on an auto-reply reminding people of your new email. Also, turn on forwarding until your account is removed.
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