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A Global Approach

Fall/Winter 2013

The necessity of a more global approach in education is especially prevalent for business schools. TU’s School of Business has taken a step in that direction by infusing global business in all classes, and adding a global business focused major.

TU’s global leadership honors major has seen its first year come and go, is being tweaked, and will expand over the next few years.

“When I became Dean three years ago, it was something I really believed the School of Business needed to have in its set of goals and it has been so rewarding to me,” said Dr. Lillian Schumacher, Dean of the School of Business.

The major is an honors program that is for more independent, driven students. It is a seminar style classroom setting that is more demanding and that holds students more responsible, but allows for more collaboration between faculty and students.

“It is about developing an appreciation of the world, various cultures and countries and seeing how they impact business decisions,” said Dr. Teresa Shafer, Associate Dean for International Programs and Professor of Management.

During its first year of existence at TU, Schumacher and Shafer realized that it would be best for students to be accepted into the program at the end of their freshman year, and that a bigger and more diverse group of students would benefit the program.

Shafer has already worked to bring in diversity by having some of TU’s international students talk in the classes about the business, culture and customs of their country.

“One of the things that this major is helping us with is to make our business students stretch a bit,” said Shafer. “One of the other things the major has done is allowed our students to think and dream a bit bigger.”

Students are required to choose one of three options that will provide global exposure. They can participate in a study abroad program, an international internship, or a language immersion program to meet that requirement.

“We’ve already had students (in the major) travel abroad and we have seen the benefits,” said Schumacher. “To me, you’re not going to have a successful graduate of a business school and we’re not going to have successful TU alumni if we don’t integrate into our curriculum what it means to have that global mindset.”

The future of the program is bright. Schumacher spoke of the expansion of the program into an offering as a master’s degree such as global entrepreneurship.

Shafer spoke of the expansion of the international internship possibilities for students.

“We’re looking for partnerships that will give students the ability to get out and work in companies in other countries,” said Shafer.

“When you have a major that drills this deeply, it influences everybody else,” stated Shafer. “We’re creating a group of leaders for this campus and to send out to companies.”