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Student Support / Health Services

Health Services

Tiffin University Health Services Clinic

Tiffin University Health Services Clinic offers basic health care services within the framework of Tiffin University’s Guiding Principles. Our priority is creating an environment that focuses on student success as well as enhancing our critical infrastructure. The foundational values of the Health Services Clinic are based on the ICARE model of Tiffin University and are inherently applicable to the provision of health care on the Tiffin University campus. 

Interdependence: We are an inclusive and caring community that emphasizes service as a foundation of success.

Communication: We engage in authentic dialogue, timely exchanges of information and fact-driven discussion, civil debate and decision-making. 

Accountability: We make ethical, responsible decisions that have a high degree of integrity, are data-informed and are results-oriented. 

Respect: As a portal of equal access to education and information, we model civility and compassion; we embrace diversity as an essential component of creating a rich university experience for everyone. 

Entrepreneurship: We prize innovation and creative thinking as hallmarks of successful participation in the global marketplace. 

The mission of Tiffin University Health Services Clinic is to promote student success by offering basic health care services thereby enhancing the individual student experience and the overall academic environment. These services include (but are not limited to) short term minor illness treatment, physical exams, specialty referrals, healthy lifestyle promotion and general health education. These services are available to all currently registered students of Tiffin University and are offered in a caring, private and affordable manner.

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