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Admissions / College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus

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  • Students must notify their high school that they wish to participate in College Credit Plus no later than April 1. For more information about student enrollment and other questions, please visit the Ohio Department of Higher Education website at
  • Application deadline is April 15
  • Private school and homeschool students must submit the CCP Funding Application no later than April 1. The funding application can be found on the Ohio Department of Higher Education website.

Step 1: State Eligibility Standards

View the State Eligibility Requirements

Step 2: Tiffin University’s Admission Standards

  • A minimum unweighted, cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for all high school academic coursework completed
  • If a student is seeking to participate under paragraph (A)(1)(c) of Rule 3333-1-65.14 of the Ohio Revised Code, they must have received an ‘A’ or ‘B’ in one of the following high school level courses: English 11, Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus.


  • For placement into ENG141, students must receive either an 18 or better on the English section of the ACT test or a 5 on the ACCUPLACER Writeplacer exam.
  • For Math placement, students must score a 16 or above on the math section of the ACT test or a 259 on the Accuplacer Quatitative Reasoning, Algebra, & Statistics (QAS) section.
  • Submit a completed Tiffin University College Credit Plus Student Application at (click link below)
  • A College Credit Plus (CCP) student is a student currently enrolled in high-school that is non-degree seeking at Tiffin University. CCP students are not eligible to receive financial aid through Tiffin University
  • Request current high school transcripts to be emailed to or mailed to:

Tiffin University
155 Miami Street
Tiffin, Ohio 44883

  • Transcripts are available through the student’s high school guidance counselor and must be sent to Tiffin University. If the student has already taken a standardized test, the student’s scores will be printed on the transcript. Your transcript can be emailed to
  • A “Mature Content Form” must be completed and signed by both the CCP student and their parent/guardian and emailed to the CCP Program Manager at
  • After we have received a student’s online application, official transcript, mature content permission slip, and optional placement test scores, he or she will be admitted to the CCP program if all admission requirements are satisfied.
  • Upon admission to TU’s CCP Program, students will receive a digital acceptance letter that can be viewed via their student portal. A Course Selection Sheet will be emailed to the students so they can indicate which courses they wish to take during the semester and return the selection sheet by email to
  • New TU CCP students will be required to attend a mandatory advising appointment. Students will receive an email with a link to schedule their appointment.
  • Students will not be registered for courses each semester until a signed course selection sheet has been submitted.
  • When choosing TU courses, students should consider the following:
    • College Credit Plus participants may take a maximum 15 credit hours per semester. In addition, Tiffin University allows a maximum of two online courses per term (there are two terms per semester: Term I and Term II) for any student, which totals 12 credits per semester.

Students participating in both seated and online courses in one semester cannot exceed these guidelines, including any TU credit hours taken at the student’s high school.

Scheduling Documents:

“First 15” Rule: Students must complete 15 credit hours in Level I before progressing to Level II

Level I Courses:

  • Transferable course – Part of CTAG, OTM, or TAG or equivalent at private college/university
  • Course in computer science, information technology, anatomy, or physiology
  • Technical certificate course
  • Another course that may be approved by the Chancellor on an annual basis

Level II Courses:

  • Any other college course that is not a Level I course

Students can use AP courses from their high school and CCP courses from other colleges in order to fulfill their 15 credit hour requirement. Transcripts must be sent to the College Credit Plus Advisor. For a full list of Level I courses offered at Tiffin University, please click on the PDF found above.

CCP Non-Allowable Courses:
School districts may not be charged for a student’s enrollment in any of the following:

  • An applied course that involves one-on-one private instruction, including, but not limited to instruction in instrumental music, voice, or art;
  • A study abroad course or similar course;
  • A physical education course;
  • A course that is graded on a pass/fail or satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis rather than using letter grades, except for an internship course;
  • A remedial or non-college level course; and
  • A sectarian course.

Transfer Credit Guides

CCP at TU and CCP Online students are responsible for picking up their books before each semester/term. Students can make arrangements with the College Credit Plus Advisor to pick up their books on campus. If the student’s high school is within a 30-mile radius of Tiffin University, textbooks will be delivered to the high school’s guidance counselor for disbursement. CCP Online students that live outside of a 30-mile radius can request via e-mail that the College Credit Plus Advisor ship their course material to their home address.

Tiffin University will cover the expense of the books and supplemental fees. The School District must ensure that the students return all books provided by the University to the College Credit Plus Advisor one week after the end of the semester. The School District must advise that if books are lost, stolen, damaged, or not returned, it is the student’s responsibility to replace the books required for each course at the full cost of the replacement book(s). Replacement books are purchased through the University’s Bookstore and will be charged to the student’s account as a result of the book not being returned to Tiffin University. The School District must advise that if a student has a balance on their University account, that student will not be able to request an official transcript.

For CCP students, Tiffin University will cover the expense of books and supplemental fees; excluding music fees for private lessons. If a student enrolls in a private music instruction course, it is the student’s responsibility to cover the fee for private music instruction associated with the course. The music fee for private music lessons will be charged directly to the student’s account.

The subject matter of a course enrolled in under the College Credit Plus program may include mature subject matter or materials, including those of a graphic, explicit, violent, or sexual nature, that will not be modified based upon College Credit Plus enrollee participation regardless of where course instruction occurs.

The deadline to drop a course without penalty is the 14th day after the beginning of the semester (for land-based courses) and term (for online courses). This includes weekends. Requests must be emailed via your TU email account to Please contact the CCP Program Manager for more information.

For information regarding course materials and content, please contact your CCP Program Manager.

All students have the right to meet with the CCP Program Manager regarding questions and concerns about the CCP program.

Enrollment Options

Students attend classes on our beautiful campus and blend in with our diverse campus family. Courses held on campus during the fall and spring semesters are 1 hr. 15 minutes long, held twice weekly, for 15-weeks.

Students virtually participate in TU classes, asynchronously, online with other Tiffin University students, including traditional, college-age students, adult students, and other CCP students. All TU Online courses are offered in two 7-week terms per semester (Term I & Term II). Students may not take more than 2 online courses per term.

Students remain in their high school and one of Tiffin University’s faculty or adjunct professors go to the high school to teach the TU course. Students take college courses without leaving their high school! CCP at the high school is available at select high schools and by pre-arrangement only. Students should ask their high school counselor or contact TU’s CCP Program Manager if they are unsure if CCP at the high school is an option for them.

If a student no longer wants to participate in the CCP Program before the TU course has ended or must withdraw from a TU course for other reasons, he or she must email the CCP Advisor {} with a request to be withdrawn from the course. This must be done within a two week period of the term or semester starting.

Students’ failure to request withdrawal from a TU course before the set deadline may be charged by their school district to repay any fees incurred by the district for the withdrawn course.

If the student withdraws from a TU course that was intended to fulfill a high school graduation requirement, it is the student’s responsibility to meet with his or her high school guidance counselor to develop a new course schedule. While always willing to assist students, Tiffin University is not responsible for meeting students’ high school graduation requirements.