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Alumni Profile Dillon Klein

Spring/Summer 2014

Golf fans, here is a tip: remember the name Dillon Klein. It’s quite possible that in the next few years, the Tiffin University graduate may be sharing the links with the likes of Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Tiger Woods.

Some people might be skeptical of Klein’s aspirations of becoming a professional golfer. After all, it’s a hefty goal. But those people obviously do not know the drive and determination that simmers just below this young man’s exterior. The word “average” isn’t even in his vocabulary.

“My parents always pushed me to be the best at anything I took on, whether it was school, golf or art,” he says, adding he gets his business sense from his father, Bill, and his attention to detail from his mother, Gail. “My parents stressed to me at a young age that the only two things in life you can control are attitude and effort.”

That advice paid off. Throughout his life, Klein has maintained a strong focus and an ability to seize opportunities in regard to his goals. Not only was he a stand-out golfer at Tiffin University, he received his MBA in May. That firm grasp of business will be crucial when he embarks on his next journey — to join the PGA circuit in the next four to five years.

The Delphos, Ohio, native came to Tiffin University as a transfer student his freshman year. After his first visit, he knew TU was where he belonged.

“I called Coach Darby Roggow and explained the situation. I wanted to come closer to home, but I also wanted to play for a coach who knew where he stood, who was honest with his players,” Klein explained. “The thing that really sold me about Darby is that he promised to help me develop into a business professional. That was a very attractive aspect when it came down to transferring to Tiffin University. It just clicked for me when I stepped onto this campus. What a blessing it has turned out to be.”

From his earliest days at TU, Klein discovered valuable mentors amid the faculty. Initially, he planned to pursue a degree in Recreational Management. However, his adviser, Dr. Gene Chintala, soon sensed that another form of business might be a better fit for the confident young man. After many discussions with Chintala, Klein opted for the more diverse Managerial Studies and Marketing major. He considers it a wise choice as he prepares to build his brand in the world of professional sports.

Klein credits his experience at Tiffin University for providing him with a firm foundation for his future pursuits. “It has truly prepared me for the next phase of my life, not only in professional sports, but in business as well,” he says. “TU Professors Dr. Danielle Foster and Dr. Kellie McGilvray were extremely influential in encouraging me to return to graduate school at TU. They always made sure to let me know that having a back-up plan was a great option to have, and it made my resume more attractive to businesses if playing professionally didn’t work out.”

“Tiffin University has been a fantastic journey for me,” he adds. “It has been brilliant when it comes to teaching students how to network with people and how to build business and personal relationships. I would not be where I am today without the help of the people here at Tiffin University. I will forever bleed Green and Gold. I will forever be a Dragon.”