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Alumni Profiles 2013

Spring/Summer 2013

Electric Mirage Publishing Co.,, has announced the debut literary fiction novel from Jessica Lovett, Transplanting Hope.

Jessica Lovett, TU class of 2009, is an author and avid reader passionate about writing books for both adults and children. She holds a Master of Humanities degree with an emphasis in creative writing from Tiffin University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in literature from Howard Payne University. Currently, the author and her husband are building a fledgling homestead with their two young children, a gigantic white dog, a growing flock of Easter egg chickens, and a chicken-herding cat.

According to Jessica, her book was birthed in an undergraduate creative writing course at Howard Payne University of which she continued to delve into for her thesis work at Tiffin University. “Having two babies in the process,” she said, “added a bit of time to finishing the novel, but now that it is published, I feel that I owe Tiffin University gratitude for helping me forge a smooth plot and living characters out of the raw novel elements I arrived with.”

When asked what her inspiration for writing a book was, Jessica said, “I’ve always been inspired by strongly character-driven novels that focus more on people than plot – like Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair or Madeline L’Engle’s A Live Coal in the Sea – and was honored when the characters for Transplanting Hope decided to start living in my mind while I was taking part in a rather stimulating creative writing course.”

“After time,” Jessica continued, “more of the storyline came and my interest in the fine line between psychology and the other medical arts came in to play for example, just how much can a medication do to one’s mind before it crosses the line and becomes unacceptable? When does it become immoral to alter one’s consciousness?”

Those are questions, according to Jessica, that have always bothered her and she enjoyed exploring them in the novel. After being knee-deep in the pharmaceutical related plot, Jessica married a physician assistant! So, gratefully, he helped her iron out a few kinks with legalities and medical details of the book.

“I just love a good character,” she continued. “Honestly, these characters aren’t based on anyone particular in my life, but I have been glad to meet them and let them tell their stories, weaving them closer together as people as their private pasts, presents, and futures are brought out by the pharmaceutical scandal element.

Transplanting Hope book summary

An aspiring mystery writer mines his world for greater meaning, and perhaps a soulmate along the way. A kind-hearted chemical engineer casts a cold eye on his disappointing marriage. A stunning journalist conceals her surprising shyness through her well-chosen words. Transplanting Hope, the debut work of fiction by Jessica D. Lovett charts the sometimes hapless, sometimes hopeful lives of divergent individuals whose paths cross in the heat of a corporate cover up, and whose connections help each of them heal past wounds and find inroads to heartening new horizons. With craft and compassion, this absorbing novel will engage readers who seek out subtly wrought character-driven stories with evocative detail.

Born with a silver spoon, the happy-go-lucky novelist Simon Kincade has had the luxury of dabbling in mysteries with his poison pen, while living in considerable comfort. His best friend from college, Dr. George Morris, faces an altogether different reality each day. His job at the pharmaceutical company Chemi-Life is proving complex, and his marriage to the shopaholic Emily has long since soured. Simultaneously, Times reporter Madeline Bryson learns her job is on the line. Her hunt for a job-saving story entwines all of them in a sinister swirl that exposes far more than any of them had bargained for. As old secrets are unearthed and new allegiances are fused, Trans-planting Hope offers a richly drawn, suspenseful foray into three lives, and how feelings, failings, hearts, and hopes can be transformed by chance meetings and redemptive twists of fate.

Jessica Lovett grew up all around central Texas, spending the majority of her childhood in a small town with one stop- light, a running “tab” at the grocery store, and ever-roaming deer and jackrabbits.

She attended Howard Payne University (HPU) in Brownwood, Texas and was an officer member of Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre fraternity. She was also active in theatre and band. She worked at two local radio stations as a deejay, copywriter, and Promotional Director. After HPU, she married and began working on a Master’s Degree in Literature at Abilene Christian University.

When she found out she was expecting her first baby, she and her husband decided they wanted to live closer to family. “My husband ironically got a job landing us back in that same small town I’d said goodbye to as a child,” she said. “Since there was no university remotely in the area that I could commute to, I set out to find a school online to finish my master’s degree. Finding Tiffin University was a godsend–I was thrilled to find a respectable graduate program from a real, brick-and-mortar school and not just a ‘school’ that lives on the Internet only.”

“I appreciated that Tiffin worked with me to reach my creative writing goals,” Jessica continued, “catering my thesis work around that emphasis. My two thesis advisors, Drs. Rovira and Moore, pushed my writing even more and helped me to reach beyond myself.

The classes I took at Tiffin were challenging, thought-provoking, and have been useful in all of my writing endeavors.”

Readers can visit Lovett at

The paperback and Kindle eBook editions are currently available from the author’s website and from