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Alumni Spotlight 2019

Spring Summer 2019


Kimberly (Cassidy) Causby

Mason, Ohio

Business Administration (Online)

Class: 2013

Kimberly Causby (Cassidy), 2012, had a challenging journey from high school to college graduation. In between the two accomplishments the Mason, Ohio native divorced twice and remarried, raised three sons and rewrote the script of her life.

“Not everyone starts with a solid foundation and an environment that nourishes you and cheers you on to success,” Kim said. Out of respect for her parents, she simply says her childhood was a difficult one and that made for a challenging life journey. “I had to dig deep and find the fire in myself to overcome what would seem to be impossible. Tiffin University was part of that journey. I chose TU because it was visibly recognized above other online programs. TU propelled me to opportunities. I am proud to be a TU graduate.”

Kim’s adult life started at age 18. It was her senior year in high school when her parents suggested she start life on her own. With no permanent address and no money to continue her private, all-girls’ school, she dropped out, got her GED and married her high school sweetheart.

While that didn’t work out, she says her first husband’s mother initiated a deep faith that would sustain her through the challenges to come. That faith carried her through hard times and eventually to a bachelor’s of business administration degree which led her to a career in human resources.

While Kim wanted a lot for herself, she wanted even more for her three sons Justin, Matthew and Jacob. “I wanted to give them more than what I had,” she said. “I wanted to break the chains that are passed from generation to generation. I was told once that I would be nothing more than a statistic,” she said, “so I ended up using those words to overcome the impossible.”

“I was going to be the rare person to pull myself up,” she said. “So I decided to go to school full-time, work full-time developing my career and raise 3 boys independently.” Living outside Chicago at the time, Kim chose Tiffin University for the online programs. Despite the miles between student and school, she said “Tiffin University became my family and my classmates were the people cheering me along the way. The administration and professors were phenomenal.”

“I had to pay for my college tuition in cash but I had no child support and was barely paying for childcare. When I shared this with TU’s financial aid department and my advisor that I wouldn’t be able to take classes the next semester, they awarded me a scholarship so I could continue. Their care for me has never been forgotten. I donated to Tiffin University’s annual fund last year and will be donating again this year to pay it forward to someone else in the same situation. I will be forever grateful for the amazing people at TU who were put in my path and helped me complete my degree,” she said.

Today Kim works in Global Talent Acquisition for Mondelez International Global HQ (Nabisco) in Deerfield, Illinois. She searches for talent to bring into the organization throughout North America and Canada. “I spend the majority of my day learning about people, what they are looking for from a career perspective and I help them find a position within our organization. It is awesome to watch them grow and develop. In the same, it is an opportunity to help build teams within the organization to meet our overall goals as a company.”

One of Kim’s proudest accomplishments was leading the centralization of sales merchandiser recruitment for the U.S. division. Her contributions have led to two manager’s awards and the 2017 Global HR Best of the Best award.

Kim’s success has been a positive influence on her sons. Two are in college, with one attending Tiffin University’s online program, while one is a senior in high school. “As I enter into a new phase of my life, I want to inspire others and share how faith can move mountains,” she says. “Dream big! Have faith in those dreams and go after them.”


Madison Lamp

Hometown: Massillon, Ohio

Living: Alexandria, Va.

Government and National Security

Class: 2017, bachelor’s degree

“Find something you really care about and dedicate your life to it,” said Madison Lamp, Tiffin University 2017 alum. Madison’s motto inspired her to dedicate her life to helping others by studying government.

Madison lives in Washington, D.C. and works for a lobbying firm. She is the Director of Strategic Outreach for the Nimitz Group. Her responsibilities include legislative research, tracking bills, sending news updates, document preparation and data entry.

“In the career path of federal government affairs, you see decisions being made that have the potential to affect a lot of people, if not the whole world,” Madison said. “What’s great about seeing these decisions in the works is, you have a chance to put in your two-cents and advocate for your side.”

Preparation for her passion began at Tiffin University. She jumped right into all the opportunities that awaited her. Madison believes that many college students take for granted the situation they are in. They are surrounded by experienced professionals in their field of interest, share a classroom with students from every different background and are given an opportunity to learn about a large array of topics; however, students don’t take full advantage of their environment. Madison enjoyed attending class, learning and pushing herself further ahead every day. Her motivation earned her an internship with the Washington Center and her current job position.

Madison encourages students to challenge conventional wisdom. “Many students go to college and believe they will be the same student they were in high school, the same student their family members were or even the same student their friends are at other colleges. Students will surprise themselves once they step out of their comfort zone and show how much they can achieve,” she said.


Travis Simat

Jacksonville, Fla.

Sports Management /Sports Marketing with a minor in Leadership Studies

Class: 2018, bachelor’s degree

Every great dream is achievable with passion, patience and strength. Tiffin University alum, Travis Simat accomplished his goal by turning his passion into a career. Travis is an Inside Sales Representative for the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team.

Sports has been a major part of his life for 20 years. “I could not imagine being in a career that did not involve sports,” said Travis. Working for the Jacksonville Jaguars, or any professional sports team, is truly a dream come true. “Being able to pull up to an NFL stadium every day for work is something that not a lot of people can say they do. I don’t take this opportunity for granted.”

As an Inside Sales Representative, Travis educates clients about the experience they can have from attending a game. “My favorite part about my job is getting fans to come out and create lifelong memories with their family and friends at the Jaguar games.”

Travis advises current students to follow their instinct. “Don’t listen to what other people want you to do. Don’t be afraid to take a chance and do things for yourself.” Travis didn’t let anyone get in his way of pursuing his dream job. “When I told people that I was going to move to Jacksonville to take this job, they all thought I was crazy, but I didn’t listen. Taking the risk to leave all my friends and family behind and move across the country to chase my dream is something that was not easy, but it was what I wanted to do. Don’t be afraid to take that leap and chase your dream, no matter what anyone thinks.”

Travis graduated from Tiffin University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in sports management and sports marketing with a minor in leadership studies.