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Alumni Spotlight George Whitfield

Fall/Winter 2013

Nationally-recognized quarterback coach and TU graduate (class of 2001) George Whitfield, Jr., presented at Tiffin University’s Good Morning World Breakfast lecture in October.

Whitfield discussed his own career, the successes of his students, the mindset of great quarterbacks and how TU made an impact on him.

“It’s great to be here, I am home,” he said. “I’m just so proud to be a Dragon and a graduate of Tiffin University. I became emotional when I first walked into the Heminger Center.”

Whitfield relayed the story of how he got started as a quarterback coach. He had just finished playing arena football and began studying for law school when a call left him at what he termed a “fork in the road” moment.

He had sent his resume for a marketing position at a new beer company, but the owner’s 4th grade son read it, looked up Whitfield’s coaching career on the internet and asked his dad if Whitfield could coach him. His coaching of that first young student snowballed into an amazing opportunity to coach other youngsters and he now has dozens of college and pro quarterbacks in his network of students.

At that point, George had to decide where he would take his career. He noted the importance of his parents’ advice and encouragement. “My dad always asks me ‘Are you going to go all in?’ when I ask his opinion of a decision,” Whitfield explained.

That is when he decided to take on coaching quarterbacks as his long-term career and established his academy, Whitfield Athletix in San Diego, California.

George’s TU Experience George earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts/Political Science in 2001. “I chose TU because it was the answer to many goals and located in an area where the only thing to do was focus! I have carried my TU experience with me throughout my career.”

Walking around campus, George fondly remembers his time at TU. “The collective heartbeat and the camaraderie of people at TU is what you are going to miss once you leave. It is not so much an athletic thing but a school thing. When you look back, that is what I think of most.”

“It was just that whole Dragon mentality,” he said. “Dr. Watts’ class demanded that diligence is essential in football—she was my most influential professor and mentor on campus, and Coach Lonny Allen always let me tag along with the baseball team during their off-season drills. Although I never played for him, Coach Allen extended his wisdom, time and guidance to me which has proved invaluable to my development.”

George has an “incredible sense of pride,” as a TU graduate. “It’s MY school—I’m their alum,” he said.

A favorite campus memory, according to George, “I directed a play called ‘Flipside’ in 2000 using a lot of student athletes, coaches and faculty.

George trains, builds, and develops quarterbacks and he said he would do it all for free just to have a chance to be a part of people’s dreams and pursuits in life. When asked what he felt his greatest accomplishment is, George said, “I don’t think I’ve reached it yet. I am listening to the voice in my head at each fork in the road. I want to create more opportunities for youngsters. I’m getting close now.”

Welcome back George! We are so proud of everything you have accomplished.

Learn more about George Whitfield and the fantastic work he is doing at and follow him on Twitter (@georgewhitfield).