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zoom call with students

Different Format, Same Dragon Alumni Pride

Alumni Symposium and Student Opportunities

On September 16, Tiffin University hosted its fifth annual Dragon Alumni Symposium virtually, and welcomed back alumni panel: Jaimie Campbell, Bruno Catalano, Pedro Correa, Theresa Nibblett and Alex Savastakis. About 260 students, professors and staff members participated in this special event. Through a Zoom meeting, TU Alumni shared college experience, career achievements, ethics at work, first job interview and advice.

The Dragon Alumni Symposium is an opportunity for current students to get advice from alumni and a first look at the business world, looking from the inside-out. The Symposium is one of the first steps for students who are considering their professional careers and connects students with alumni, allowing them to start building their network. The Dragon Alumni Symposium could lead students to find internship or job experiences through the Dragon Nation network. The purpose of the event is to help TU students to find their path.

The alumni pointed out the importance of pursuing a college education. Tiffin University gave them the chance to have a prosperous professional career. The world-wide pandemic led the alumni to talk about adaptability and flexibility, qualities that are essential in a professional environment.

The Dragon Alumni Symposium also awards alumni for their career achievement. This year, Tiffin University congratulated Dr. David Hayes (Alumni Achievement Award), Alicia Rock (Young Alumni Achievement Award) and Erica Henry (Alumni Service Award).

Tiffin University guides its students to build their career and network. The Dragon Nation is a worldwide community allowing students to connect with the rest of the world. Through the Dragon Nation community, Tiffin University provides opportunities across the board.

– Anais Geslin

Anais is an intern with the marketing department at Tiffin University. She is a senior majoring in marketing and management. Outside the classroom, she represents the school as a member of the women’s tennis team.