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college student meeting with counselor

Career Services – How can they guide your student?

by Rebecca Kielbasa

The Tiffin University Career Services Office seeks to empower students by providing guidance during their college journey towards their future careers. Through linking knowledge to professional practice, with comprehensive resources and programs, Career Services promotes successful employer connections and career guidance.

We sat down with the Executive Director of Career Services Amanda Hummel to understand everything Career Services has to offer this year and how they can best benefit students. See some of her and the career services team’s advice below. 

What kind of services does our Career Services offer here at TU?

Here at Career Services we offer a tremendous amount of different services. We offer resume and cover letter assistance, interview preparation, and assistance in finding employment (full, part time or internship).

What is the College Central Network and how do students sign up?

College Central Network is a job portal that all students including alumni have access to. To sign up as a student go to Click students. If you have not signed in before you will need to activate your account. Click on the activate your account under the sign in. You will need your student ID number (starting with the P) and your TU email address. If you are experiencing problems please do not hesitate to email or drop by our office. 

What are the benefits to finding an on or off campus job during a student’s time in school?

Having a job during college is beneficial in multiple ways. First, you can potentially gain experience in your field of study. Second, having a job is a great resume builder. Third, having a job can demonstrate to employers that you have time management skills, on top of the soft skills you are fine tuning at that job. 

What kind of events does Career Services have coming up this year?

For the Fall 2021 semester we have several events coming up. Here are just a few of the events:

  • School of Business Career and Internship Fair on Oct. 6 
  • Professional Development Series on Oct. 20 and Dec. 1
  • Tiffin University Ohio Council of Criminal Justice Education on  Nov. 3

These are just some of the events. Every Monday the student body, staff, and faculty receive an email titled Career Services Tiffin Tea Time with all of the events that are happening that week and the following week. Be sure to read thoroughly, there are incentives at times!  

What would you recommend a student do if they need help picking a career path?

We at Career Services can aid students who are unsure of a major or career path for themselves. One resource we have is called Focus2. This site allows students to explore different passions and see what careers would interest them based on their passions and interests. 

We have a virtual workshop on Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. to help students navigate and use Focus2 – look for the zoom link in our emails and social media posts!

Any other words of advice or guidance for the students you wish to add?

From Executive Director Amanda Hummel: Please come get to know us early in your college career! There are resources and things you can be doing each of your four years to maximize your success and make you competitive in your industry. Schedule an appointment with to initiate your career journey! You will be glad you did!

From Graduate Assistant Diamond Thomas: Get as much experience as you can while in college, whether in the form of an Internship or a job shadow; building the expertise now makes you stand out in the future! Look into certifications related to your field as well. 

From Graduate Assistant Jessica Curry: Don’t forget about volunteering. You can gain loads of experience through volunteering. Do as many internships as you can. It looks great on a resume, you gain more experience and it is great networking. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You were not meant to do everything alone.