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jason werling

Jason Werling, Carry the Torch

We recently chatted with Jason Werling ’07/’12. He is second in all-time outdoor conference with a total of 90 points scored. He graduated as the school record holder in the shot put (indoor and outdoor) and discus throw. He graduated as second in the hammer and 35 in the weight throw. Enjoy our Q & A with Jason.

Past work experiences or career related points of interest:
I have worked for Marathon for 12 years in many different departments, including pipeline operations, accounting and SAP systems support.

What do you feel is your greatest work accomplishment?
I would say my greatest work accomplishment is having management’s trust, to continually ask me to take on new tasks, projects and assignments. In my career I have been involved in onboarding new assets, creating new processes, improving old processes, implementing a new enterprise system (ERP), etc. Not everyone gets asked to be involved in these projects, by getting asked it gives me great pride to know that I must be doing something right.

What do you like most about the current career path you have chosen?
Flexibility and optionality are what I like most about my current career path. Having the ability to learn different areas of the business, while also having a deep understanding of Marathon’s operating systems have benefited me in the past, and will continue to, well into the future. With this broad knowledge I will be able to take on whatever opportunity is presented to help myself and the company continue to be successful.

Why did you choose Tiffin University?
I chose Tiffin University for the family atmosphere and proximity to the place I grew up. Coach Croy made me feel comfortable from the first time I met him. Being part of a relatively new team was attractive, as I would be able to be a part of building a tradition.

Do you have a favorite TU memory?
My favorite TU memory was winning the conference our senior year. We were fortunate enough to win the conference meet all four years of my career. Coming from a high school program, where the thought of winning a meet, as a team, was never something I even considered, winning four times with my teammates was something special.

What does being a TU graduate mean to you?
It is something that I hold with high regard, knowing how it has helped me build the life that my family and I have. I’m proud to be a TU graduate. When traveling and wearing TU gear, it is nice to have people recognize it and tell you about someone they knew that was a graduate or how they graduated from TU.

What life or career advice would you give to current students?
Look for and take opportunities to be in leadership roles through all your endeavors. Leadership is not a title.

What are you most grateful for in your life?
I am most grateful for my family. Being a good husband and father is what drives me both personally and professionally. Having the ability to provide and be present in my family’s life and activities are always forefront in my mind during decision making processes.