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Craving Community – Jeremiah Upchurch’s Transfer Student Spotlight Story

For some college students, attending university is solely a means to an end. The goal is to obtain a degree and nothing more, with no attention paid to joining clubs, participating in athletics or any other extracurricular activities. The relationship lives and dies with one’s class schedule, and there is nothing at all wrong with this. As institutions begin to cater their services more toward non-traditional students, –  those with families, full-time careers etc. – this is becoming more common by the day. For some however, the desire is to enjoy the journey over the destination, to form lasting relationships both personal and professional. This was and still is the case for Jeremiah Upchurch, current sophomore at Tiffin University.

Jeremiah transferred to TU after attending another college for a semester, ultimately leaving due to the COVID-19 pandemic and feeling disconnected from the intimate and engaging setting of the classroom.

“I was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” he explained. “That, coupled with the pandemic, prompted my decision to take some time off before searching for a new school. Of the myriad of colleges I explored, I ultimately chose Tiffin for a few reasons – the first being its perfect proximity to Columbus, where I was born and raised. Being only an hour or so from my hometown, it’s far enough away that I’m not surrounded by the same people I grew up with, but still close enough for me to make the trip home on weekends to see my loved ones.”

For Jeremiah, being close enough to stay in touch with his friends and family was important to him, as was having the opportunity to reinvent himself around new peers and mentors. He wanted to both maintain and form communal bonds, and while TU was the perfect place for this, there is another reason he chose to become a Dragon.

“The second reason I chose Tiffin was because of their soccer program,” he offered. “By participating in TU athletics, I was fortunate enough to receive scholarships that helped bring the cost of attending down significantly. Through the program and school itself, I’ve been able to meet so many different people from all over the world, and I’m grateful for that.”

According to Jeremiah, Tiffin has been the perfect place for him to meet and interact with those from different backgrounds and places. Due to its extensive international student program, 29 countries are represented within the TU Family, making it the perfect place to expand one’s cultural awareness and appreciation.

“Tiffin thus far has been the perfect culmination of opportunities to try new things and fail in a safe place – all the while pursuing the worthy goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. TU athletics brings in players from all parts of the country and beyond, which makes it one of the most diverse colleges in the state. I am so grateful for and look forward to seeing what comes out of this exciting opportunity where I can both receive an education and belong to something bigger than myself.”

Jeremiah is currently pursuing a marketing major with a minor in psychology, and has plans to pursue a career in environmental psychology after graduation.

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