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Dr. Jeffry Stockner, Professor

Criminal Justice Professor Retires After 36 Years at TU

Volume 37, Issue 2

After calling Tiffin University home for nearly 36 years, Dr. Jeffry Stockner, Professor in the School of Criminal Justice, has retired from Tiffin University.

Since 1985, Stockner has taught various criminal justice and business law classes to graduate and undergraduate students. Over his decades of teaching, he has seen the University grow.

“When I first started teaching at TU in 1985, there were 450 students,” said Stockner. “TU was a commuter school, and most students lived within 60 miles.”

One of the most significant changes he witnessed was the growth of the School of Criminal Justice. Stockner recalls roughly 25 students with criminal justice majors when he first started teaching. In 1997, he was approached by the Vice President of Academic Affairs to move from the School of Business to the School of Criminal Justice to increase the quality of the program and recruit students.

“Within a decade, criminal justice majors surpassed the School of Business in number. Along the way, I was involved with the development of associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, accelerated and online programs within the school. I was rewarded by being named Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and National Security from 2011 – 2016. During that time, enrollment for the School of Criminal Justice flourished.”

Stockner will not only be remembered for transforming the School of Criminal Justice, but also for his dedication and effectiveness in teaching. He was selected as Faculty Member of the Year in 1998 – 1999, 2002 – 2003 and 2014 – 2015. In 2003, he was featured in Ohio Magazine as one of the 100 best educators in Ohio.

Throughout his years, Stockner has also been a criminal defense attorney, municipal prosecutor and Chief Civil Prosecutor for the Seneca County Prosecutor’s Office for over 19 years. He enjoyed working in the field and incorporating real, first-hand knowledge into the classroom. “Credibility of professionals is based on ‘walking the walk,’ not just ‘talking the talk.’ Practicing law throughout the entire tenure of my teaching fit well with TU’s unique ‘professional education’ focus.”

Stockner’s time at Tiffin University has been nothing short of wonderful. He will miss the students and watching them grow. “Knowing that you have contributed to the advancement of another person’s growth, in any manner, is satisfaction that is unparalleled.”