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lisa bradley


Summer 2018

Lisa Bradley

“I remember the first college course I took and it inspired me to become a college professor.” Lisa’s process is unconventional; she initially became a fourth-generation worker in the healthcare field. She worked in the non-clinical side of the industry and became a manager. “Although this vast field was exciting, I never gave up on my dream to be a college professor.”

Lisa had the opportunity to teach her first healthcare related college course in 2004 at a two-year community college. “My hands-on experience and specialized certifications worked in my favor for that adjunct position. During that time, I encountered great mentors who encouraged me toward completing my MBA at Tiffin University.”

TU’s leadership concentration helped Lisa in both of her careers as healthcare manager and educator. The leadership series at TU inspired her to continue her education and earn her doctorate. “I wanted my doctoral degree to be about the career aspects I had grown to love and admire: education, management and leadership.” Lisa earned her MBA from TU in 2010 and is the Director and Assistant Professor at the University of Findlay.

“It was a dream come true to become the Director and Assistant Professor at the University of Findlay. I dedicated myself to be a life-long learner and am now what I always wanted to be – a college professor. I want to thank Tiffin University for designing a MBA program to help foster my career goals and aspirations.”

Dan Kurta

“My degree and minor prepared me for my career.” Dan graduated from Tiffin University in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in sports management and a minor in information technology. His experience at TU gave him the tools he needed to be successful. Not only did he learn from professionals in the field of sports management, Dan also got personal attention from the small class size. “The connections I made with professors pushed me to learn as much as possible to set myself apart from other candidates.”

Choosing sports management was the best fit for him. “Sports management can lead someone down many different paths. The various opportunities were appealing to me as I could adjust my career focus as I learned more about what I truly had interest in.” Sports management has provided Dan many opportunities, such as working for Legends Hospitality. Dan is the Assistant General Manager of Retail Operations at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. “The job I have right now is so much more than I could ever had imagined.” Dan had the chance to work the NCAA Final and College Football Championship in Dallas, Texas where The Ohio State University won the National Championship. He also worked at the various concerts FirstEnergy Stadium hosts and worked at four Indianapolis 500s.

“My greatest accomplishment is getting hired at FirstEnergy Stadium just two months after graduation. Not only do I get to work in sports, I also work for my hometown’s team and experience multiple events throughout the year.” Dan advises current students to be open minded about their career, get their foot in the door, and to never stop learning. He believes this advice is what drove him to success. “Most importantly, find what makes you happy and do it.”

Jamie Smith

Jamie chose Tiffin University to have a meaningful collegiate experience. She wanted to have a working relationship with her professors and be a part of a small campus; all of which she obtained at TU. “At Tiffin University, I learned the importance of advocating for yourself and networking. My professors helped me identify and recognize my passion for mental health counseling. They also assisted me in getting an internship, which guided me to pursue a career as either a social worker or clinical counselor.”

Jamie graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Human Services in 2011 from TU and received her Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling in 2016 from Heidelberg University. Currently, she is a clinical therapist within the Child and Family program at Unison Health. She provides individual and family therapy to children four years of age and older. “My favorite thing is facilitating healing and promoting wellness with people of all ages.”

“Being a TU graduate means being part of a legacy. I am one of many graduates who have helped lay the foundation for success, leadership and hope that current and prospective students can achieve their goals.” Jamie advises current students to not avoid challenges and look for an easy route in their journey. “There are times that you will be unsure and doubtful along the way, but in those moments, you find your strength.