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Giving Day 2021: Students Making a Difference

Volume 37, Issue 2

In 2020, alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends made a difference in the lives of TU students by donating during TU’s Giving Day. TU raised $81,820.12 through 452 donations. This record-breaking Giving Day for TU nearly doubled the support from 2019’s effort.

Help TU set another record-breaking Giving Day on September 15, 2021. Giving Day is when we come together to show how the TU family can unite for Tiffin University. We have set aside 24 hours for our great alumni, friends and family to give back to the programs and departments that make Tiffin University distinctive. Giving Day is a wonderful way to show gratitude to a place that means so much to so many. This is the opportunity to impact current and future Dragons. Help us reach our goal and please advocate for our Giving Day!

To many students and alumni, Tiffin University is more than just a college – it’s home. Tiffin University is where memories are made, friends become family and faculty and staff become mentors. It’s no wonder why campus is full of life. But to keep TU a home away from home, the University needs support from generous friends.

Understanding the importance of charitable endeavors, several students founded the Dragon Philanthropy Council. This student-led organization is committed to giving its time, talent and treasure toward a better university for all students, today and in the future. Their goal is to engage in projects that raise money for three priorities: campus amenities, scholarships and campus beautification.

rebecca kielbasaAlthough money contributions are one of the major focuses, the organization also sees philanthropy as boosting morale and serving the common good with acts of service. “We define philanthropy as generosity in all its forms,” said Rebecca Kielbasa, TU senior and co-founder of the Dragon Philanthropy Council. “Philanthropy means giving back, big or small and giving what you can. It is compassion, giving to people who are important to you or giving to people in need.”

Philanthropy has always been a passion of Rebecca’s, and her love of Tiffin University heightened her interest to help create the Dragon Philanthropy Council. “This organization combines two of my favorite things, and it means even more to do it with other students who care about TU. Before the Dragon Philanthropy Council, TU did not have a student-run philanthropy organization. I think it’s important for students to help better the campus.”

The Dragon Philanthropy Council hosted its first fundraiser, Senior Salute, on behalf of the graduating class of 2021. They put together a graduating class gift, with seniors giving back financially with a gift to benefit future TU students.

The organization is also planning for Thank-A-Giver (TAG) week in coordination with TU’s annual Giving Day on September 15. They intend to place tags on campus – buildings, classrooms, residence halls, athletic facilities and more – to serve as a visual reminder that a donor’s generosity has helped make Tiffin University what we know and love. Students will also share their appreciation in photos and videos through social media and written thank you notes.

“I am proud to be a part of this organization and have an impact on the University,” said Rebecca.

What does philanthropy mean to you?

“To me, philanthropy means prioritizing others and seeking ways to better a community. I joined this organization because of the founding members.

They are great leaders that I knew would genuinely want to better our campus and community.” Taylor Born, Class of 2024

“Philanthropy is giving oneself to help improve their community. That was one of the reasons why I joined the Dragon Philanthropy Council. It is an opportunity to give back to my Dragon community.” Haleigh Hubbell, Class of 2022

Left to right: Cody Miller, Rebecca Kielbasa, Taylor Born, Haleigh Hubbell, Vickie Wilkins (Advisor)