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dr. bruce bowlus

Globalization, A TU Priority

Fall/Winter 2013

Tiffin University has made this a priority and offers a number of opportunities to help students broaden their horizons and enhance their education.

Students can participate in study abroad programs that last only a week or a full academic year. A student can complete an internship abroad or participate in a language immersion program.

While participating in any of the programs, students can earn academic credit and use financial aid to help to pay for the experience.

The programs have significantly expanded since the first TU student attended Regent’s University in 1995. Students now have over 30 countries to choose from for study abroad, according to Dr. Bruce Bowlus, Director of Study Abroad Programs and Professor of History.

“Students can go just about anywhere they can imagine,” said Judy Gardner, Director of Academic Advising.

Bowlus coordinates the program with Gardner to process, prepare and counsel students before they embark on a study abroad adventure.

“We make sure it is the type of student who will do well overseas,” he said.

The benefits of these opportunities affect the students, Tiffin University and the world.

“It’s a great experience,” said Bowlus. “It makes you a better employee because you have a wider view of the world.”

According to Bowlus and Gardner, students typically gain a greater sense of self-confidence because they find that they can do things they didn’t think they could while studying abroad.

This confidence translates back to their experience at TU and their future.

“I’m hoping that they contribute in the classroom and share with other students,” said Gardner. “For a few, it means that they pursue something internationally for grad school. Some have ended up working internationally.”

Examples of students who have studied abroad:

Ryan Webb Richmond American International University – London “I just felt like it was something I had to do to get a different experience and perspective of the world,” said Ryan.

Webb took two classes through the London-based University to fulfill his last credits needed for graduation. He noted two things that were challenges during his time abroad: slang and buying necessities.

“It made me culturally aware of different things in my surroundings,” remarked Webb.

He is now enrolled in the Master of Science in International Business and Emerging Markets program at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

“The study abroad program offered by Tiffin University led me to a top-tier institution in the world. It’s affected the rest of my life,” said Webb.

He noted how the offering of these study abroad opportunities are invaluable to TU and the students. “It allows TU’s name to be seen globally,” Ryan said. “Students experience things and bring it back,” he stated. “It also creates alumni and resources for students around the world.”

April Fruchtnicht Rome, Italy “I love exploring new places and meeting new people, so this experience was the perfect opportunity for me,” said April.

April studied abroad during the summer through TU’s partnership with American Institute for Foreign Study, which provides many possibilities for study abroad.

“I also enjoyed all of the opportunities offered through AIFS. I was able to attend a cooking class, a ballet, ride a boat around the Island of Capri, and ride a gondola through the streets of Venice,” she said.

April studied the History of Rome through the Ages that incorporated travel to the sites of the Roman Ruins. “It was a nice change to see the ruins while learning the history. I was able to have a real-life image to go along with the background,” she said. “This type of learning style really helped me get as much out of my study abroad experience as possible.”

The classroom learning was not all that April learned. “The most important thing studying abroad taught me was to make the most out of each opportunity,” she said. “Things don’t always go smoothly, but you just have to learn to stay flexible and positive and remember that things generally work out in the end.”