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homecoming weekend group on porch

Homecoming Weekend from the Eyes of a TU Alumni

Tiffin University is not just a school, but a family. Even after graduation, you will remain a Dragon for life. Homecoming Weekend here on campus was Oct. 1 – Oct. 3, where alumni were welcomed back to reminisce on their time at TU and to see what’s new. Alumni Tony Serluco was one of the many alumni in attendance, and was able to share his weekend experiences with us:

“Upon my arrival on campus early Saturday morning I was greeted by Vickie Wilkins, Alumni Relations Director, in the parking lot.

My next stop was in the Gillmor Student Center where I overheard a student introducing himself from Warren, Ohio to a group of Alumni. I asked him what high school he attended. Another alumni with his young children hearing this determined they both graduated from the same high school at different times. The current student is on the basketball team and the alumni played football.

A quick visit was made to observe the Alumni vs. the current basketball game. A friendly/fierce competition with a very close final score.

Where else could you walk right up to the University’s President and be called by name! Thanks Dr. Schumacher, you made me feel important after all these years.

A student was taking pictures, she told us her name is Marisa Gwinner. I told her that our group in attendance was proud of her academic and track accomplishments. No doubt she was surprised that we knew of her Academic All American and NCAA Champion record in High Jump. She showed us her individual NCAA Number 1 ring.

Renewing acquaintances with Mr. William Hertzer and his companion Norma Wagner, a few current professors and a former Trustee who was a member of our fraternity made for a great luncheon. This was followed up with a message from Dr. Schumacher with a curriculum update, added programs and degrees along with current building projects and development plans for the future.

A reunion of all Greeks was held on Clay Street. This was an opportunity for the alumni to meet active members and all of the Greek Organizations to celebrate 100 years of existence on TU’s campus. Our Phi Theta Pi Fraternity has representatives of 5 states and 2 countries.

In an unusual encounter while leaving the hotel, I met a man wearing a TU shirt and asked if he was an alumni. He said he is the father of a first-year student athlete. A few hours later we happened to see each other at the football game where he introduced me to his daughter, a Psychology Major. With a comparison of notes and names we determined that he knew my mother’s relatives from his hometown.

During a stop over at the TU’s Baseball display I was able to catch up with baseball Coach Wilkins, along with meeting current student athletes.

After the football game we met an entire family who traveled over 8 hours to see their grandson/son play. What a commitment.

My observation is that all of the people we encountered, the students, friends, family and staff have that same friendly attitude that attracted us all to TU.

It has become the TU brand. Let’s keep winning in the classroom and in all of our competitive programs outside.

Go TU and Go Gons! – Tony Serluco”

We will continue to welcome our Dragon Family back every year, and look forward to seeing who we will meet next Homecoming weekend.