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COVID Shutdown, An Intern’s Perspective

An Intern’s Perspective During the COVID Shutdown: By Jenna Smalley

What was it like finishing the semester online?

  • Finishing the semester online allowed me to see how well I was at time management! Keeping everything organized and making sure assignments were done on time was easier if everything was organized. When everything was moved online, I was reading the textbook, teaching myself the information, and making sure the homework was completed on time. It doesn’t seem like it would be more work, but you realize how great it is to be in the classroom with your professors when that is no longer available. Any questions that needed to be answered weren’t answered right away as they would be in a classroom setting; therefore, making sure you looked ahead on the syllabus was important because if you needed to ask questions, you could ask them earlier rather than later.

How was the transition?

  • The transition was smooth. The communication between my professors and I was an important factor; without great communication, the transition would have been more complicated. During the transition, each of my professors were very understanding and straight-forward. Some professors told us right away that there would be no assignments assigned until the following week until they had everything situated online for the students. Other professors had assigned what would have been due if we were still in a seated class.

How were the classes formatted?

  • Depending on the professor, each class was formatted differently. Four out of five of my classes had a discussion board every week with two replies to classmates. Only one of my classes had a virtual meeting with the class during our regular class time. The discussion board topic was related to the information that was covered during that week and then any other assignments were completed individually and submitted at the end of the week by midnight.

How’d you stay in contact with friends or classmates?

  • While classes were still online, I didn’t have much time to stay in contact with friends or classmates. We were all so busy with homework and doing other things since we all had moved home. The only time I communicated with friends or classmates would be if we were working on an assignment or group project together.

What challenges did you face?

  • I wouldn’t say I faced any challenges academically during the COVID shutdown but mentally, I needed the social interaction with my friends and professors and more time to do activities that I enjoyed. With everything being online, completing assignments, and learning the information was more time consuming. I felt like the time for myself became limited.

What clubs or activities are you involved in on-campus and did the coronavirus affect any of these experiences?

  • I am involved in the Business Club and I enjoyed participating in the intramural sports; however, with the COVID shutdown, Business Club meetings were canceled and intramural sports were canceled.

What do you look forward to when returning to campus in the fall?

  • I am extremely excited to return to campus in the fall! I can’t wait to see my friends and professors! I look forward to going to class and interacting with others. Even though there will most likely be changes due to the coronavirus, I am most excited about the interaction I will have and being able to live with my friends again and being able to see sporting events and activities on-campus.

Written by: Jenna Smalley (Marketing & Communications Intern)