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dr john schupp

Meet TU’s Dr. John Schupp

by Rebecca Kielbasa

Dr. John Schupp is one of TU’s premier professors, with a background teaching chemistry and then moving into forensics, Dr. Schupp now teaches Introduction to Forensics and Dragon Education Core on campus.

Of the classes Dr. Schupp has taught and is currently teaching, Introduction to Forensics stands strong as his favorite. Class activities that have been his favorite to participate in include, “autopsies, fire investigation, mass grave re-creation, ballistics and forensic engineering.”

Here at TU, Dr. Schupp loves the small class sizes because “I can take them all on field trips to have them experience the lesson live.”

During the most recent live lesson, Dr. Schupp chaperoned a field trip for chemistry and forensic students to Hanson Aggregate quarry for an explosion demonstration. At the quarry, students watched displays of store-bought chemicals in monitored explosions. Starting small, there were a series of explosives that led up to the day’s finale: the explosion of a donated car.

Watching explosions and understanding the chemical background of the reactions was a unique opportunity to look at the students’ possible future careers up close and outside of the classroom.

While addressing prospective students and their parents, Dr. Schupp highlighted TU’s programs, “As far as I know, no other program has freshmen who can experience these events”. This is so important because “this way they can decide if they can really handle the job’s duties before they spend three years of student loan money.”

Considering the needs of prospective students and what they should look out for when choosing a school, Dr. Schupp offered, “compare these four things – feeling safe on campus, find out the four-year graduation rate, do graduates get jobs in the field of their major and do those jobs pay off their student loans quickly.”

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