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Murphy Academic Support Center

Spring/Summer 2013

“A debt of gratitude is owed to Dr. Frank Murphy,” said Dr. Charles Christensen, TU’s Vice President of Academic Affairs. “He’s done a lot of things for Tiffin University.”

Murphy has made a philanthropic gesture to create the Murphy Academic Support Center, which is to be built as an addition to Pfeiffer Library.

According to Dr. Paul Marion, Tiffin University’s President, “This wonderful new facility will house offices for tutors and success coaches to meet individually with students, a conference room for group tutorials and group study, and a classroom to be used for seminars and workshops related to study skills, career development, and other academic support services, as well as for classes.”

“In addition,” Marion continued, “there will be computers for use by students and offices for the Director of the Student Success Center, the Director of Career Development, the Director of Internships, and the graduate assistant for the Student Success Center. There will also be a new facade added to the existing library to create an attractive unified appearance for the entire structure consisting of the library and the Murphy Academic Support Center.”

Murphy, a Wadsworth resident, recalled talking to Marion about the need for an updated facility, and Murphy agreed with the president’s suggestion to remodel the library and build a facility for tutoring inside of it. He said he is most excited about the tutorial aspect of the project.

“I really believe in tutorial work,” he said.

Murphy said he thinks Tiffin University is a sensitive and giving institution that has a lot to be proud of, and he is proud to be able to serve on the Board of Trustees and do things for the school. He said successfully completing an undergraduate degree is a valuable asset.

Murphy firmly believes in higher education. “How can you not?” he asked.

Marion said the area will provide space for tutoring and academic skills for students as well as areas for career development and internship information.

Students currently use the Student Success Center in Friedley Hall for tutoring and study skills assistance. But tutors and success coaches do not have private offices where they can meet with students. Also, there are no areas for group study, seminars, and workshops for students.

“Our students really need space to study,” said Susan Marion, Tiffin University’s First Lady and a Success Coach. “Dr. Murphy was an educator before he became a business executive, and he is passionate about the need for TU to give students the academic support that they need to succeed. For many years in the future, TU students will benefit from his generosity and vision.”

Annette Staunton, Dean of Academic Support Programs and Chief Retention Officer at Tiffin University, said she is pleased the University is going to have additional space, which is needed for Tiffin University students.

“We will have private areas for tutoring, which we don’t at this point in time,” she said. The President said the library is centrally located on campus, and Murphy Academic Support Center fits into the University’s mission. He said the project will improve the appearance of the library, and will look similar to Seitz Hall.

Christensen said he thinks the center will be a major improvement, and having tutoring, the success center and career development programs all located in one place will be a tremendous boost to the University and on-campus life. He said that when he heard of the idea for the center, he thought it was something that had been needed for a long time.

“(I’m) looking forward to it,” he said.