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President’s Message

Summer 2018

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As I write this letter on this warm summer day admiring the beauty of this campus, I feel extremely blessed to be the President of Tiffin University.

Most recently, over the last several months, TU has undergone an extensive new branding and marketing initiative. At Tiffin University, we “challenge conventional wisdom” and continue to promote the definition of our motto, “without risk there is no gain.” We are proud of this motto as it truly demonstrates who we are as an institution of higher learning. Our students not only earn a professionally relevant degree that prepares them for their careers—we believe that they discover themselves at TU.

I am extremely proud of our “Guiding Principles” developed in 2016, and have been astounded at the impact these principles have had on our institutional culture, faculty, staff and students. Today these principles have become embedded in our daily work—everything from individual meetings to employee performance reviews. These principles have kept us grounded and focused on our purpose: Transforming lives through education; our mission: Educating students by linking knowledge to professional practice; and our vision: Becoming a premier university for challenging students to enhance their global competencies and 21st century skills for success in a diverse world.

Our ICARE values hold us to authentic behaviors with each other. Every year we highlight one of our ICARE values. We just celebrated the year of Interdependence and are now celebrating the value of Communication. Indeed, our Tiffin University Guiding Principles have become our organizational culture; and this is a wonderful place to work and transform students’ lives through the exceptional educational experience we offer today!

Our initiative, “Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness,” is in place to strengthen our approach to diversity and inclusiveness. At Tiffin University, we have more than one culture at play—the campus culture and culture each individual encompasses. At TU, we believe we are all unique. It is something to be understood, respected and celebrated. We feel it is important that all TU students graduate as globally competent individuals who can continue to understand, respect and work effectively with others who are different.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Challenge magazine and stay in touch with us throughout the years and come back to visit often.


Dr. Lillian Schumacher, President