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dr. schumacher in green jacket

President’s Message

With 2021 having reached its end, so too has the fall semester for Tiffin University. The semester proved itself anything but ordinary as our Dragon Family continued navigating the many obstacles presented by COVID-19’s presence throughout the world. Though these hurdles have been significant, I am amazed by the collective tenacity of this community and immensely proud of what we have accomplished in spite of these obstacles.

Such sentiments in mind, I am pleased that this issue of Challenge Magazine will focus on all that TU has achieved during this academic year, including the opening of a campus space that will produce leaders in the science and healthcare fields with a plethora of new resources at our disposal. I am referring, of course, to TU’s Center for Science and Technology. With construction completed on the Center for Science and Technology, the 18,100 square foot facility now hosts classes for the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Many of our students have already nicknamed it the “STEAM building,” to use the popular acronym. The importance of this achievement is noteworthy, as the Center is home to several academic majors within these important fields throughout the world. TU’s faculty and staff are nothing short of honored to help prepare these future generations of professionals for their critical work. In the coming pages, you will read more about the many facets of this new Center, the prestigious STEAM programs that call it home as well as the talented students and alumni making the most of their education in these areas.  

I am also filled with pride on our announcement of the opening of TU’s Center for InterculTUral Excellence. The Center is dedicated to the implementation of inclusivity practices on our campus, as well as, fostering an appreciation for varying cultural identities not only for our own circles, but for outside organizations seeking similar guidance. This commitment began with the training of all TU employees, the creation of a core curriculum for undergraduate students that results in global diversity competences for all TU graduates, the training of TU Board of Trustee members, and has now moved to the training of external businesses, schools, and other higher education institutions. I am confident in my belief that because of this significant educational component, our graduates will enter the workforce with a robust set of skills for working with individuals of all cultural backgrounds; and this achievement will give our students a unique advantage over other college graduates. At TU, we challenge conventional wisdom and proudly stand out as trailblazers in the fight for diversity, equity and inclusion in today’s world.

Finally, I express my sincerest gratitude to our students, staff and faculty as well as our alumni and donors. Your significant efforts have made the above endeavors a reality, and I am humbled by your commitment and inspired by what we have achieved together. Here’s to a successful 2021 academic year in our rearview mirror, and to the beginning of an even better 2022.