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sarah herb

TU’s Sarah Herb turned her degree into a career in the pro golf

Tiffin Sports Management major Sarah Herb has turned her degree into a career in the pro golf field. The 2018 grad works in the Client Services division of Sportfive sports agency in Sea Island, GA. “I have a group of professional golfers and I am their go to person for all of their travel.” She signs them up for tournaments, arranges their cars and flights for their tournaments, and any other things that they pop up that need to be done for the players.

Before joining Sportfive, Herb worked with Octagon, a sports agency. Her duties there included coordinating vehicles for the golfers during PGA tournament events. She then worked in Tampa for the Florida State Golf Association. The group runs amateur golf events in Florida.

Lessons learned from her sports management classes at TU have been helpful in her career to this point. “I remember in Bonnie’s (Tiell) class we did a lot of contract exercises. I use a lot of that in my job now.”

The importance of networking was an essential concept Herb learned at TU. “The sports world is pretty much all about networking. Bonnie always emphasized that a bunch. Networking was definitely the biggest thing I took away from it (the Sports Management program at TU).”

Herb had a bit of an unusual path to arrive at TU. She grew up in Jacksonville, Florida but did not start playing golf until she was 16. “I decided I wanted to play college golf my junior year of high school. When looking at universities, I actually just Googled golf and sports management and somehow Tiffin popped up.”

She came for a visit to the Tiffin campus and decided to stay. “I ended up loving it.”

She said her golf teammates at Tiffin are still some of her best friends. She has also developed a close relationship with her golf coach, Brittany Brownell that is still important today. “My coach ended up being one of my best friends after I graduated.”

Tiffin’s tight knit community is one of the things she remembers about her experience. “Everyone there is always ready to help. Having smaller classes was huge since the professor actually knows your name.”

The classes gave her real life experiences that have helped her so far in her career. One example was a project where we had to sell Cleveland Indians Tickets. For example “we got to see the sales side of things. It showed me I don’t want to be in sales.”

Those projects were fun and all the members of the class enjoyed them because they all wanted to work in the sports industry she said. Tiffin gave her and her classmates the opportunities to gain that experience.

Herb’s internship at TU was similar to her first job. She helped organize a junior golf tour in a nearby state. She also worked at the Athletic Office on the Tiffin campus during her senior year.

“The internship experience was good in that I learned a lot.” It ended up showing her some things she did not want in a job and that was part of the learning experience.

One down side to attending TU was the winters. Being a native of Florida, northern Ohio’s snow and cold was a big change. “Looking back at it, I don’t know how I did it” she quipped.

Herb’s advice to students is to learn how to manage time. Also she suggested taking all the tasks they are asked to do in class seriously. “Don’t take all the little projects in classes for granted. Just do them because later you will realize they help later on down the road.”

– Perry Haan, D.B.A.

Dr. Perry Haan has worked as a faculty member and administrator in higher education since 1986. He has won teaching awards at three different institutions of higher learning, including the 2016-2017 Tiffin University Scholarship Award. In 2017 he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to teach and conduct research in Nepal. In 2010 he was awarded a Fellowship by the International American Association of Financial Management for his teaching and academic work in international markets. He has taught in eight countries outside the U.S.

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