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Student experience during cyber security boot camp

We recently sat down with TU senior, Abdulrahman Hassan Sherbini. Abdul is studying criminal justice, digital forensics, and is on campus this summer for our cyber security boot camp.

Abdul, could you tell us about yourself:

I am an international student from Saudi Arabia and I spent one year in Troy, Alabama studying English. I came to Tiffin, Ohio and during this period of my life, I was able to meet people from all over the world as I learned about their culture, traditions and the true meaning of friendship. I am also involved in the TU social media group, since 2016, and this opportunity allowed me to meet new people that I am proud to call them my family.

Tell us about the Boot Camp.

It is a 15-credit course that is offered in the summer, and it allows students majoring in cyber security and digital forensics to experience a hands-on training where various topics are covered.

What attracted you to the Boot Camp?

I believe the Boot Camp is so beneficial for me because it allowed me to get 15 credits in one month, as well as I will be able to take the examination of two certificates, Security+ and Network+. The Boot Camp also attracted me because I will graduate one semester earlier.

What is the toughest part of the Boot Camp?

The toughest part about the Boot Camp is that it took place during the holy month of Ramadan, where as a Muslim, I fast from sunrise to sunset. I believe everything else is easy since we are in a friendly environment, where we work together as groups most of the time, and the instructors are so helpful and are ready to answer any questions and explain the materials in depth.

What has surprised you about this program?

I think what surprised me the most about this program is that I have learned that my future career is not as hard I imagined, practice and hands-on activities makes you an expert in this area.

What are you learning from the program?

More than I could ever imagined! I learned Python which is a programming language, I learned how to create networks, how to make Ethernet cables, how to tear-down a desktop and rebuild it, about the aspects of security in Security+, also everything about networks in Network+ and I learned many skills that would help me in my future career.

Since I was in high school I always wanted to study computer since, but when I graduated from high school I started to look into the future of technology. I found there are many risks that affect the development of technology, so I chose to study digital forensics. Now I will be able to identify these risks and mitigate them.

Who is your teacher in the program?

All of my favorite instructors are teaching us in the Boot Camp and they are as follows:

  1. Professor Scott Blough, who is also the Companion Instructor of the Boot Camp and the CISO of Tiffin University
  2. Professor Owen Fritz
  3. Dr. George Miller
  4. Professor Nicholas Consolo
  5. Professor Andrew Groman