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taylor lewis

Student Scene 2018

Summer 2018


Taylor Lewis

New Baltimore, Michigan

Graduated: May 2018

Major: Forensic Science

Tiffin University senior Taylor Lewis placed her soccer cleats aside during the summer to focus on cutting-edge chemistry research. Taylor interned for the FBI Laboratory in Quantico, VA the summer of 2016 and the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program at The University of Tennessee the summer of 2017.

“These experiences were my biggest accomplishments because I had to push myself harder than ever before,” she said. “I grew as a person and scientist.”

Taylor was one of only 10 outstanding college students from across the country who spent the summer of 2017 doing research as part of the highly selective REU Program. The 10- week research program gave her the opportunity to be paired with a UT chemistry faculty mentor and gain hands-on research experience in a chemistry lab.

In addition to performing full-time research in a graduate-level chemistry lab, she attended several workshops in scientific communication to strengthen her skills in sharing research. Her training focused on chemical reactions, lab work, technical writing and public speaking. Additionally, she researched the interactions between drugs and yeast membranes, synthesizing various designs of Amphotericin B to mimic the clinical formulation of the drug. Her research was on the cutting edge of the field of analytical and medicinal chemistry, bringing it one step closer to understanding the mechanism of the drug inside living organisms and diminishing its side effects.

“The REU Program made me fall in love with chemistry. I am excited about my future,” she said.

Taylor earned her Bachelor Degree of Science in Forensic Science in May. She was offered more than 5 graduate school scholarships and has chosen the University of California Riverside to earn her doctorate in chemistry. Her goal is to earn a Ph.D. and work as a research scientist for a large company such as Amazon or Google.

“I am very passionate about learning within the field of chemistry. One day, I could potentially make a positive impact on humanity through my research.”


Giorgio Ferrario

Turin, Italy

Expected Graduation: 2020

Major: Addictions Counseling

Life is unpredictable and when we find ourselves at the fork of a road, we have to decide which path to take. Giorgio Ferrario, an undergraduate student from Italy, took the road less traveled, which has made all the difference.

“I was on the verge of becoming a semi-professional skier, but I took a different direction,” said Giorgio. He attended a special high school in Italy for skiers. “I thought I would stay in Italy to study and become a ski instructor, but my parents found a different opportunity for me.”

Giorgio’s parents sent him to a summer camp in America to learn English and run track. He attended IMG Academy in Florida, a private school for sports. Giorgio always enjoyed running, but never pursued it. During the last week of camp, a week before his senior year started, Giorgio approached his coaches and told them that he wanted to stay at IMG Academy. “They said it would be complicated, but they could make it work. The coach told me if I stayed, I would get into college and run track.”

He went home to get his visa and returned to IMG Academy where his new chapter unfolded. The academy hosted the outdoor national championship for Division II Track and Field. At this event, Giorgio met the coaches from Tiffin University. “Tiffin University had the best opportunities for me, so I chose it and have loved it ever since. Not only could I run my first year of college, the University also offered the major I wanted.”

Running for Tiffin University is a new experience; it is only Giorgio’s third year running track. He runs 100 and 200 meter sprints. “Even though practice is hard, there’s always something coming back,” he said. “That is why I love sports. Everything you put in is going to come back eventually.”

Coming to America was one of his best decisions. “It was really hard deciding whether to ski or come to America and run track. It was a very impulsive decision, but it worked.”

Giorgio will graduate in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in addictions counseling and a minor in leadership studies. After graduation, he plans to stay in the U.S. to earn his master’s degree. Giorgio is unsure of his future career plans, but he loves what he’s doing and believes he is going in the right direction.


Blaine Bell

Beaveron, Oregon

Expected Graduation: 2019

Major: Marketing

Tiffin University junior, Blaine Bell, came to campus for the esports team. Little did he know that his passion for gaming would lead him to victory, earning an internship with NCompass International in Los Angeles, California.

“Game On” is a summer internship opportunity offered to TU. After two rounds of interviews, battling it out with several other TU candidates, Blaine was exclusively selected. He will work with the video gaming and esports team at the award-winning experiential marketing agency. Blaine has many opportunities ahead—conducting research, assisting in the creation of presentations and reports, shadowing teams and helping with event planning.

This internship seemed like the perfect fit for Blaine. For many years, he has enjoyed gaming and even became a team owner of Sanguine esports. “I love gaming because it is a chance to be competitive while concentrating on something else.” At TU, Blaine is a marketing major and plays Counter-Strike on the esports team.

“I’m excited to venture out to California and be in the middle of the esports industry. Having an internship with NCompass is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I want to make the most of. I can’t wait to begin and represent Tiffin University.”


Dean Frankenberg

New Knoxville, Ohio

Graduated: May 2018

Major: Sports Management

“You have to be willing to go out of your way for things you want,” said Dean Frankenberg, a senior at Tiffin University. “You can’t expect things to fall in place; you have to make things happen.”

Branching out on his own, Dean scored a goal with an internship with Columbus Crew, a professional soccer club. Dean knew interning for the Columbus Crew would be the perfect match since he has a passion for sports and marketing. “My internship experience reassured me that I chose the right career path.” Working in the marketing department, Dean was responsible for fan engagement and interaction.

Dean’s favorite memory is being in the tunnel with the players. Fans were able to meet the players to get photos and autographs. “It was fulfilling to see a kid’s face light up when they got their cleats or gloves signed. It shows that the fans are important to the players.”

Although he had a great experience with Columbus Crew, Dean is keeping his options open.

“The business field is very broad, so you have to try different things,” he said. Dean is also interested in student-athlete academic support services. “I want to work with student-athletes to make sure they are completing not only their athletic requirements, but also their academic requirements. Making sure athletes go to class, attending study tables, and managing their schedule is important to success on and off the field.” As a current TU tutor, Dean takes pride in being able to help people with their academics and allowing them to understand what they may not get in class.

Dean just graduated this spring with a degree in sports management with double minors in finance and marketing. After graduation, he wants to pursue a graduate assistant position at a university or an entry level position with a sports organization. His dream job is to work for a NBA team in the front office.


Johna Gordon

Wooster, Ohio

Expected Graduation: 2019

Major: Criminalistics

Johna Gordon, a senior at Tiffin University, knows what it takes to be a successful intern. Her experience at the Wayne County Sheriff ’s Office prepared her for future endeavors at TU and beyond.

Johna performed numerous tasks as an intern. She observed and participated with officers and inmates. She saw all the jurisdictions within the department at the Wayne County Sheriff ’s Office. “I worked in records, the civil department, house arrest, municipal courts, common pleas court, patrol, dog warden, BCI, CCW and the jail,” said Johna. Her internship also gave her the opportunity to work as a corrections officer in the jail. “My duties there were to book inmates and watch over them day by day doing different tasks such as serve them meals, give medication, and most importantly, watch over each individual’s safety.”

Working hands-on gave Johna important skills from outside the classroom. She saw all the different aspects in the criminal justice field, allowing her to obtain broader knowledge. “Each experience connected everything together from what was taught in my lectures. Sitting in on court, working in the jail, talking with BCI agents and touring the facility gave me experiences I will take through the rest of my time at TU and into my career.” Her favorite part of the internship was observing how labs collect and analyze evidence from a crime scene.

Johna left her mark on the agency. She received glowing remarks from both site supervisors that worked with her daily. Johna was quick to learn and became an asset to the agency in the short amount of time she was there. Johna graduated in May with a Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Criminalistics. After graduation she plans to get a job at a local sheriff ’s agency close to her home town in Wooster, Ohio. She also plans to complete the police academy and work her way up to a big agency to be a crime scene investigator.


Ohriella Kotte

Telangana, India

Expected graduation: Fall 2018

Major: MBA Healthcare

Administration and General


“In my whole family, I am the first girl to continue my education,” said Ohriella Kotte, a graduate student from India. Gender inequality is common in the Indian culture. Women are not encouraged to get an education; instead they marry and look after the family. Ohriella broke tradition by earning her bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in India.

After undergrad, Ohriella’s father didn’t want her to leave India. “At one point he wanted me to stop studying and get married, but I wanted to travel to America and earn my master’s degree.” With the help of her mother’s support, Ohriella was able to convince her father to let her travel to America and break gender barriers.

Ohriella chose Tiffin University because she thought it would give her the best opportunity. The University had the major she wanted and offered her scholarships. “I studied pharmacy in undergrad, which is completely different. I learned how to make medicine and now I’m learning business and how a hospital functions.” Although it was a tough transition, she enjoys having a well-rounded education.

“People ask me why I study so much; my mom is my strength. She is not educated, so she always wanted me to study. She told me that if I have knowledge, I will have everything.” Coming to America and earning her degrees is Ohriella’s greatest accomplishments. She believes that education is the most important tool to have in your life.

Ohriella will graduate in the fall of 2018 with her master’s degree in healthcare administration. She plans to study a second major to earn an additional degree in general management. After graduate school, Ohriella wants to return to India to start her own pharmacy store. In the future, she hopes to earn her Ph.D. in chemistry.


Connor Wolfe

Hometown: Bellbrook, Ohio

Graduated: 2018

Major: Exercise Science

Since arriving at Tiffin University in 2014 with a 3.19 high school GPA and undecided on his major, Connor has come a long way. At the end of his freshman year, he decided on a degree in exercise science with hopes of becoming a physician assistant (PA). Over the past four years, Connor has been heavily involved in the community as a student worker at the Tiffin-Seneca United Way for three years, becoming the program coordinator of their Read to Succeed program in 2016. As a member of the Global Affairs Organization (GAO), he devoted dozens of hours to help raise $30,000 for the Tiffin Fraternal Order of Police’s Shop with a Cop fundraiser. In December 2016, Connor was elected president of the Global Affairs Organization (GAO). His efforts led GAO to victory in the annual March Madness Canned Food Drive and recognition as the “Most Improved Organization” at TU’s 2016-17 Student Leadership Awards Banquet. In his hometown, he devotes time each year to the local Hospice of Dayton grief camp, Camp Pathways.

Academically, he far surpassed even his own expectations. Connor has achieved a 3.98 GPA, including a 4.0 in all classes related to his major. His lone B came in his freshman English class which he still regards as his most difficult college course. After applying to seven physician assistant master programs, he received interviews with six of them, and gained acceptance to his top three schools. Connor will be attending Kettering College, a top one-hundred PA school in the nation, to continue the pursuit of his dream.

Connor is very grateful for all he has achieved in his time at Tiffin, but even more grateful for the overwhelming support and guidance he has received from family, friends, TU faculty and staff, and community members along the way.