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students and faculty and staff looking at posters at the research conference

Student Scholar Superlatives – A Recap of Tiffin University’s Annual Research Conference and Competition

faculty and staff involved with the research conference

As is the case every year, the 2022 TU Student Research Conference and Competition was held with the purpose of providing a space for both traditional and online undergraduate and graduate Dragons to present and discuss their recent scholarly findings- and compete for awards and prizes. This is done with the intention of “facilitating scholarship as convention and research as inquiry,” as is the mantra of those in charge of the event. This year, the affair was facilitated through the Pfeiffer Library.

Tiffin prides itself on being an institution committed to recognizing and amplifying the many noteworthy accomplishments of its students, and what better way to achieve this than through a yearly celebration of such successes? This year, the event was held for traditional students in person from 2 – 8 p.m. on April 12, and from 6 – 8 p.m. virtually the following evening for non-traditional participants. Due to the length of the first session, dinner was provided for all participants and attendees (much to the appreciation of everybody involved).

Many undergraduate and graduate scholars were awarded special recognition for their efforts, earning either a certificate of excellence in their given category or even an award for being one of the best in show, as indicated by an asterisk on the list below. The categories and subsequent outstanding projects are as follows:

Certificate of Distinction for Online Presentations:

  1. Claudia Gray (Graduate), “Photo Series: A Woman’s Work Is Never Done”
  2. Patricia E. Childs (Graduate) , “The Negative Psychological and Physiological Effects of Social Media on Adolescents Aged 10-21”*
  3. Emma Sas (Undergraduate),  “The Logic of Cults” *

Certificate of Distinction for On-Campus Presentations (Undergraduate):

undergraduate student winners of the research conference
  1. Mackenzie Boone, “Can having ex-cons as criminal justice professors be beneficial for educational purposes”
  2. Makayla Boysel, “The public’s perception of rehabilitation”
  3. Gabrielle Cesaro, “Public’s perception on juvenile’s being sentenced to live without parole”
  4. Rebekah Combs and Marley Gussler, “College students feelings on opioid decriminalization” *
  5. Victoria Demko, “Fear of crime in college students” *
  6. Donovan Magill, “Perceptions on marijuana and performance enhancing drugs”
  7. Abbi Montgomery, “Women’s wrestling and body image problems” *
  8. Kayla Noel, “Battered woman syndrome as a defense for murder” *
  9. Marissa Nugent, “Intimate partner violence research”
  10. Caleb Pierce, “College students and gun control”
  11. Hannah Rus, “Mental health stigma” *
  12. Isabel Sanchez, “What influences psychology majors”
  13. Destiny Sandlin, “The unsolved case” *
  14. Seth Schreiber, “Attitudes and beliefs of college students towards campus counseling services” *
  15. Lyrik Sprulock, “Stigma of felons” *
  16. Luke Weise, “Do students feel like they are learning anything from online classes”
  17. Melina Worcester, “The willingness of employers to hire ex-offenders”
  18. Wrae Steele, “Mental illness and social media use in college students”

Certificate of Distinction for On-Campus Presentations (Graduate):

graduate winners of the student research conference
  1. Carolin Bieck, “Knowledge and attitude towards mental health and psychotherapy”
  2. Kerrigan Champagne. “Association between the elderly and eyewitness testimonies”
  3. McKenzie Crandall,”CTE and football, soft hits matter too” *
  4. Stephanie Fox, “Perceptions of defendant confessions based on modality used in courtoom presentations” *
  5. Kelsey Hock, “Trash among the stars”
  6. Kierstyn A Jackson, “The mental illness crisis according to law enforcement”
  7. Morgan O’Halleran, “Is there a better treatment program for sex offenders? An archival research study”
  8. Andrea Catherine Pappas, “Deregulation of buprenorphine, a call to X The X-Waiver: An Ohio case study”
  9. Abbie-Jade Riley, “The significance of gender, major and familiarity on a one’s knowledge and attitudes towards the incarcerated transgender community”
  10. Samantha Shaffer, “Why states need to implement threat assessment protocols within schools”

Certificate of Distinction for On-Campus Poster Presentations:

katie griffin standing with her poster at the research conference
  1. Katie Jane Griffin “TU Greek Life”
  2. Ryan Hall, Cory Lewis, Paige Beidelschies “Netflix Audit”
  3. Bailey Gibson “Human Nature” *
  4. Molly Miller, Trinity Ison, Hunter Sunberg, Alex Williams, Sierra Richardon “Heart Rate Recovery”
  5. Miranda Burk “Drugs & Poverty” *


Tiffin University would like to congratulate these students on their numerous and impressive academic accomplishments, and is proud to broadcast them to the public. For more information about the annual conference, visit