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Student Spotlight 2018

Fall/Winter 2018


Leah Frantz; Freshman; Vermillion, Ohio; Psychology

TU freshman Leah Frantz is visually impaired by hydrocephalus, the swelling of the brain due to excess buildup of cerebrospinal fluid. Everything she sees is blurred, distorted and makes living more challenging, compared to the average person. Leah battles her impairment daily but never lets it get in her way of living life and earning an education.

In the classroom, Leah relies on auditory learning to grasp topics taught. Professors need to use descriptive lectures for Leah to comprehend the topics. To overcome this obstacle, TU provides Leah with two note takers during class.

Although simple everyday tasks are harder for Leah, she never gives up. Leah’s greatest accomplishment is getting through everything life has thrown at her. “I successfully cope and live with my disorder,” Leah said, but more importantly, I haven’t given up. I graduated high school and will soon conquer college.”

Leah studies psychology with a concentration in human services. Her goal is to become a rehab counselor in a children’s rehabilitation hospital. “I want to help children through their stays at the hospital while they are going through physical and occupational therapy. I want to make sure they know they aren’t alone.” This profession spoke to Leah when she went through therapy after a serious series of brain surgeries to place and fix cerebral shunts in her brain to treat the hydrocephalus. “It was important to have someone to talk to,” Leah said, “especially since they always made sure I was okay. Now, it’s my turn to be that person.” the institution’s history.


Alexandra Tozzie; Graduate Student (MBA); Louisville, Colorado; General Management/Leadership

Anything is possible if you have enough nerve. Alexandra Tozzie, a graduate student at Tiffin University, stepped out of her comfort zone by leaving Colorado and traveled across the country to pursue her education. It was the best decision of her life.

“There is no telling what I would have done or where I would be without taking a leap of faith and just doing the comfortable,” said Alexandra. She wanted to experience something different and learn more about the life around her. “I’ve been around the same people and the same things my whole life, so I wanted to learn more about the world.” Traveling to Ohio and studying at TU is one of the biggest risks she’s taken. “It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, but I know it has significantly improved all aspects of my life. I am more comfortable in my skin and more knowledgeable about life.”

None of this would have been possible without the support of her family, friends and teammates on the volleyball team. “They encouraged me to do things I never thought I could. There is always going to be someone rooting for you.” There is a sense of community that Alexandra feels a part of. “The personal network I have created has not only guided me through the tough times, but it has also given me some of my strongest attributes.”

Taking this leap of faith has increased Alexandra’s self-confidence. “There’s really nothing that seems impossible to me anymore, the world is constantly changing, and I feel like I am much more capable of adapting to these changes now compared to when I was walking on to TU’s campus for the first time.”

Alexandra studies general management and leadership at Tiffin University. She expects to earn her Master of Business Administration in 2020. She has been a part of TU’s volleyball program for five years and after graduation, Alexandra hopes to work for a professional sports team in their management or marketing department.


Dylan Foos; Senior; Burgoon, Ohio; Cyber Defense and Information Assurance, Minor in Digital Forensics

Worrying is a normal part of life; we often worry about things that are present in our lives like finances, work and family. For some people, worrying about these things can get in the way of everyday life. Tiffin University senior, Dylan Foos, lives with anxiety.

“Living with anxiety can lead to a life full of challenges, but you need to always find those opportunities that are blanketed by those challenges,” Dylan said. Dylan developed significant symptoms of anxiety when he was in high school. “I had many hard years, but it has shaped me into an extremely passionate individual that I am today.”

Today, Dylan does not let his anxiety get the best of him. He snatches up any opportunity that comes his way. Studying at Tiffin University has helped Dylan greatly. “Learning is something that has always helped me cope with my anxiety,” he said. “Professor Scott Blough is an amazing individual that I have gotten to know very well while I have studied at Tiffin University. He has given me the passion that I have today, I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for him. He deserves a lot of credit as I believe he has created one of the best Cyber Security programs that exist.”

Dylan chose to study cybersecurity because of its high demand in society and most importantly because of his interest in technology and solving problems. During the end of his high school year, he became very interested in the field of security and hacking. “What I like most about my degree is the constant advancement of technology and security concepts. This is not only my career and hobby, but it is also my lifestyle. Also, the potential for job opportunities are endless,” he said.

Dylan’s passion for cybersecurity has led him to great opportunities as he formed the Northwest Ohio Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Chapter with a friend and planned an event on campus. Because of his efforts, he earned an Information Security co-op at Cooper Tire. He attended many cybersecurity conferences and worked on large projects, such as conducting a phishing test of thousands of Cooper Tire employees. “One of the most important things that I have learned at Cooper Tire is that you can spend millions of dollars on cybersecurity solutions, but all it takes is one person to click on one malicious link to bring down the entire company.”

Dylan will graduate in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Defense and Information Assurance with a minor in Digital Forensics. After graduation, he hopes to find a job in penetration testing (hacking) and continue to develop his skills.