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family outside after graduation

Supporting Your Child Through the Transition from College to “the Real World.”

by George McCarthy

Picture this: You’re a senior at Tiffin University moving through your final semester of your college career and as you go through the term, the inevitable creeps closer: post-graduation plans. What are they? And are you prepared for life after college?

The transition from college to the “real world” – getting a job, moving to a new location and just starting the rest of your life in a professional career – is a daunting prospect and one that can be overwhelming for many. Fortunately for students here at Tiffin University, there are multiple resources and tools at their disposal to help make this process as seamless as possible. 

TU has a designated Career Services Office solely devoted to helping students make a decision on their major or career choices, gain internship or work opportunities while in college and also preparing them for careers after their education. Some of the services and events that are offered by the Career Services Office include: 

  • On-campus employer recruiting events
  • Individualized career advising
  • Resume and cover letter writing programs and critiques
  • Interviewing programs and mock interviews. 

Tiffin University also hosts many isolated events throughout the year, such as career fairs held by each individual school prior to which students can attend career fair preparation sessions. The series of prep sessions gives students various opportunities to understand how to best promote their personal brand and stand out to employers. These sessions include professional headshots taken, for resumes, portfolios or professional digital platforms, like LinkedIn or Twitter. Resume reviews are also a part of the prep sessions to ensure that students are given the best possible opportunity for their resume to stand out. Another prep session is networking and mannerism training, whereby the students are given a chance to understand how to properly converse with industry professionals and what they look for when engaging in conversation or interview scenarios. These sessions are all resources available at career fair preparation sessions to prepare students for attending the fairs, so that they are as confident as possible when interacting and networking with the businesses there. 

Additionally, the School of Business and the Tiffin University Business Club work every year to host the annual Tiffin University Summit to Success, where students are given the opportunity to listen to and meet professionals from local, national and global businesses throughout the day. The day starts with a guest speaker to introduce the day, before moving to four consecutive twenty-minute breakout sessions. At this year’s Summit to Success, students were given the option of choosing from eight concurrent breakout sessions, which included speakers from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Marathon Petroleum, Vera Bradley and Findlay Brewing Company. The day is then concluded with a keynote speaker. This year’s speaker was TU alum, Chris Deal, who is on the TU Board of Trustees and is Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition and Delivery for a global consulting organization. The event is a valuable opportunity for students to not only hear from industry professionals, network with them and gain interview experience, but also to hear how these individuals went from the position that TU students now stand in, to where they are now. It is a great in-person example of the leverage that a degree from Tiffin University, or any other institution, can offer. 

Finally, the professional development series offers aid for the transition from college to their post-graduate career launch. These are a sequence of one-hour virtual sessions that provide students with tips and strategies for taking your career to the next level. Each session focuses on a new topic to give students a range of tactics to boost their profile even more for employers. 

Depending on the course and at the professor’s discretion and curriculum, many individual courses also will take field trips and host guest speakers, to provide students of that class with alternative learning and networking opportunities relevant to what they learn in the classroom.

Tiffin University is committed to providing not just a degree for our students, but opportunities to put their education to practical use, and remains devoted to our alumni and seeing their success after attending TU, and the services provided serve exactly that purpose.