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The Big Life

Summer 2018

Ann Shoket, author and former Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine, told Tiffin University’s Women’s Leadership Conference and Good Morning World participants that they are capable of living the big life.

Shoket’s 16-year-old dream was to move to New York City and write. Although others did not believe in her dream, Shoket never stopped wanting it. She advised the audience to hold onto their 16-year-old dream. “This dream matters because it is the first time in your life that you can see your possibility in the world.”

So she continued her dream by writing “The Big Life,” sharing how others can achieve the big life in a complex world. There is no clear path to success, but the revolution is here. “The big life is not what your mom, professors or a generation of women wanted before you. The big life is not having it all and is not just for the ‘it girls.’ The big life is for everyone. The big life is about finding meaning and what makes you happy in life.”

There are two things that stand in the way of achieving the big life: being ready when the world is not, and you. To combat them, Shoket suggested losing the five-year plan, embrace the mess, build your squad and pay attention to the itch. She said that you will miss a lot by sticking to the plan. We must let go of the way things should be and say yes to everything. This mess is the momentum springing you forward to your dream.