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fahad al farwan

Tiffin Tuesdays featuring Fahad Al Farwan

Tiffin Tuesday features our international student Fahad Al Farwan, who received his BBA in Accounting in 2016. Fahad has currently been employed by Tiffin University to work as an accountant in the business department and has taken in the city of Tiffin as his home away from home. We were able to catch up with Fahad in the midst of a busy summer schedule for a quick interview of his experiences here at Tiffin University.

Where do you call home?

I was born in Abha, then I moved to the capital city, which is Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

How did you find Tiffin University?

Actually, Tiffin found me! I graduated with a BBA in Accounting in 2016. I started to work with Tiffin University as OPT (Optional Practical Training) for a year. After that, Tiffin University hired me with an H1B Visa. I am an accountant at the business office now.

What is the biggest difference from your lifestyle now, compared to before you came to Tiffin?

I have been able to be more familiar and included in American culture, which I never expected. I have received lot of love and care from families here that were willing to help me out.

What are some important aspects of American culture and society that you have learned to enjoy?

American people follow strict time standards.

What main differences took you longer to adjust to, or understand, during your experience at Tiffin?

I don’t like misbehaving students in the class. Also, l don’t like people who disrespect their older parents and don’t look after them.

What would you like international students to know most importantly about coming to Tiffin University?

I want them to know that should be more socialized in the different culture and with different people to gain more experience.

What has been your biggest achievement while you’ve been at Tiffin?

I made friendships and family bonds, which made me feel like that Tiffin is my actual hometown!

I gained a lot of American experience, which helps me in achieving more success.

I graduated from TU, which is my first step in my education.

I shared my culture with everyone and made them part of it – people really appreciate that I belong to Saudi Arabia.