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kayla dunlap at stage

Tiffin Tuesdays featuring Kayla Dunlap

How did you decide to study music?

I wasn’t really sure what I want to be, and then finally landed on music. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, but I was enjoying college. Music has always something that I’ve loved and I’ve been into. I sing all the time – and music is what kept me in college. Music is something that everybody was asking – what you can do with that? What jobs around here can you do with that? But you can’t listen to them. Because if it’s something you want, you need to do it. It’s just a completely different environment at TU, it’s really awesome and very positive. TU is a small community, so it’s super nice because you can have that personal attention if you need it. That’s what kept me here. I’ve always had stage fright, so I chose music industry because it was the business side. I like the business and I like the music, so is a perfect mix.

Have you ever had any other jobs?

Not really, except last year at Christmas, I was a stage manager. Usually I’m just on CPT, which is concert production team, and we set up all of the sound equipment. It’s a week-long process of setting up tech runs, and I kind of took control of the situation because we didn’t have a leader at the time. Then it just kind of lead to me being stage manager.

When the opportunity of the East Green series came up to Brad, he wanted to get an intern in on it, so he brought it to my attention. This internship is a blessing because it’s exactly what I like and it works perfect.

What’s the best thing about being helping performers?

I love being backstage and doing whatever the performers need. We take care of the hospitality and every little detail. So if they need something, I know exactly where it’s at and I can go get it, or I can tell somebody hey, go get this, this where it’s at. I like being the leader and having control of a situation.

Are you the only intern there?

Yes it’s just me. Brad and John from the Amphitheater – it’s us three all working together.

How does everything come together for each concert?

Brad got all of the bands of scheduled, except for a few. A couple of them were local, so John was able to get them – and he got some sponsors. So once all the contracts come up, Brad contacts me and that’s when I get started.

I just go through and edit the contract to fit the bands for the concert and the date. I sent them out to the bands, they look them over, sign them, return them and then Brad signs them. Then we just basically email back and forth to figure out what they want to eat, the schedule for the day and if there is a radio station interview. I also have to make sure that Brad, John and I are all on the same page, so we have a lot of links of communication.

What new skills have you learned since you study music?

The business part. TU has a music business class and it’s cool because I can listen to the radio, or read the back of CD cases and understand what they are talking about. Now I can pick out the words and be like, oh, this is like a pro music business, or this is the editor, this person got this much of the royalties. You learn all the little small details in that world.

What have you learned from class that you put into practice this summer?

In my senior seminar class, we had to do a senior project and it is basically what I’m doing now. I set up a concert for charity with Doug Culver and his band. I had to make up flyers, print them out, hang them up everywhere, do social media, be in contact with the band – it was the whole shebang.

It turned out really good and I did a good job with it, and I was super proud of myself and it was just like a confidence boost. All of that came from my classes – learning about setting up contracts, press releases, flyers and getting my target market.

What are some of your hobbies?

I’ve always been into sports – cheerleading was my biggest one. I cheered all the way from elementary up through two years into college, then I coached for two years. We just bought mountain bikes and bike trailers that the kids can sit in, so we go for bike rides. We go hiking a lot and take the kids to Mohican, so we like to do a lot of outdoor stuff.