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roohani dogra

Tiffin Tuesdays featuring Roohani Dogra

This week’s #TiffinTuesdays, destination TU edition, we sat down with Roohani Dogra who came to us from Chandigarh, India

Where do you call home?
Chandigarh, India

How did you find Tiffin University?
I heard about Tiffin University through word of mouth from an immigration counselor when I was exploring my opportunities abroad.

What is the biggest difference from your lifestyle now compared to before you came to Tiffin?
I am more independent, responsible and productive human being.

What are some important aspects of American culture and society that you have learned to enjoy?
Good time management, less corruption and responsible civil society.

What main differences took you longer to adjust to or understand during your experience at Tiffin?
Addressing others by their names – it’s a huge disrespect back home! More openness to dating culture, live-in-relationships and children out of wedlock were the biggest cultural shocks.

What would you like international students to know most importantly about coming to Tiffin University?
I want them to know that regardless of any portion of the globe they come from, they will be welcomed with open arms and affectionate hearts at Tiffin University. They would never experience or celebrate Cultural Uniqueness as we do!

What has been your biggest achievement while you’ve been at Tiffin?

  • Academically, I earned a double MBA – with majors in human resources and general management and an academic distinction of Summa Cum Laude, an Excellence Award in the Field of Graduate Education (HRM) and Membership in Delta Mu Delta International Business Honors Society.
  • As an international student, I was so fortunate to have on-campus field related work experience along with my studies. I worked with International Admissions and took a Graduate Assistant position with the Human Resources office. The joy of being retained back at TU as a Human Resources Generalist is irreplaceable!
  • I did numerous community events as an Indian Ambassador in the Tiffin Community and mutually shared cultural importance with the people.
  • Last but not least, I treasured lifetime priceless memories!