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santiago rosa

Tiffin Tuesdays featuring Santiago Rosa

Santiago Rosa is an international student getting his MBA in sports management here at Tiffin University. We were able to catch up with Santiago before heading home to visit his family for the first time this year.

Santiago explained to us how much he has enjoyed his time here in Ohio, and has been proud to be a Tiffin Dragon, competing on the men’s tennis team.

Where do you call home?

Gijon, Spain. It’s a coastal town located about five minutes from the beach.

How did you find Tiffin University?

After graduating from Montana State University – Billings, I realized that I had two years of eligibility left to play tennis. I started contacting all D2 schools in the U.S that would allow me to continue playing tennis. Tiffin ended up being the best offer and opportunity to continue playing, and would allow me to get my degree in the field I wanted to study.

What is the biggest difference from your lifestyle now compared to before you came to Tiffin?

The biggest difference from my lifestyle back home to my lifestyle now is the difference of pace. Back home, everyone was always on the go and busy doing something throughout the day. It was much faster. We worked from 9 a.m. until about 2 p.m., then we took a lunch and usually a nap from 2 p.m. until about 5 p.m. Then we went back to work from 5 p.m. until about 8 or 9 p.m. Our days are a lot busier.

What are some important aspects of American culture and society that you have learned to enjoy?

Some important aspects of American society that I have learned to enjoy is the respect of private space. Here in the U.S people tend to hold a much different kind of respect for your own personal space and things. Back home people do not exactly think the same way, in regards to people’s personal space. Another important aspect is that individual’s efforts are much more rewarded here in the U.S. For example, just because you go to college back home and get your degree doesn’t put you ahead. It’s much more rewarded and helpful here in the U.S.

What main differences took you longer to adjust to or understand during your experience at Tiffin?

The master’s program and school in general were much harder. It has been tougher here than anywhere else and took a little more time for me to adjust, and made me start working much harder.

What would you like international students to know most importantly about coming to Tiffin University?

I would like other international students to know that this is a very welcoming community here in Tiffin. It has been a nice place to go to school and has been very helpful to my development through the master’s program. Also, the job opportunities post-college are readily available for you. Lastly, I would like them to know that the campus is very diverse and cool to be around because you get to talk to a lot of different people from different places.

What has been your biggest achievement while you’ve been at Tiffin?

My biggest achievement while I’ve been at Tiffin would be earning 2nd team All-Conference honors in the GLIAC for our tennis team last season (2017-18). I started our fourth on our team and worked my way up by consistently winning my matches during the latter part of the season.