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tezin kansakar

Tiffin Tuesdays featuring Tezin Kansakar

Tenzin Kansakar is currently an international student studying to get her MBA in finance at Tiffin University. Although she is from Kathmandu, Nepal, she has fallen in love with the city of Tiffin, as well as the University, and describes it as having “an excellent ambiance for education.” She also feels that “the environment is friendly, beautiful and warm.”

Coming to the U.S. was obviously a very tough choice for her to make because she had to leave her family and friends, step out of her comfort zone and learn a whole new culture. But after embracing everything around her and adapting to the new lifestyle, she grew to love it and says that “Tiffin University is a home away from home.”

She currently works as a Student Associate in the mail center and the Enrollment Office delivering mail to each department, ensuring that the proper stamps are posted so that the letters are sent out, and helps process applications of various students.

Now, we’ll get into our conversation we had with Tenzin about her experience here at Tiffin University.

Q: Where do you call home?

Kathmandu, Nepal. Kathmandu is the place I call home. It is the capital of Nepal and is surrounded by museums of famous sites, ancient temples and is a city full of historical and cultural interest.

Q: How did you find Tiffin University?

I heard about Tiffin University through my online searches of various colleges here in the U.S.A. The university matched the requirements of my MBA degree and the fees were also feasible for me. Tiffin, as I searched, was a small town with excellent opportunities and therefore, I applied and was accepted here. The choices of courses are numerous, and there are beneficial individuals who are ever-ready to help if one ever loses its way.

Q: What is the biggest difference from your lifestyle now compared to before you came to Tiffin?

Coming to America has made me more responsible and independent in my life. Back home in Nepal, my parents used to take care of me and everything was centered around the family. Honestly, I was brought up as a pampered girl with everything I ever wanted and never really having to struggle a lot for it. Coming to America, decision making was the one thing I would say I have learned: be it from buying vegetables to paying rent, travels and arranging budgets for miscellaneous expenses. In Tiffin, it’s all about me, my decision-making and how it could later impact my life.

Q: What are some important aspects of American culture and society that you have learned to enjoy?

To be honest, the American society is pretty amazing. The friendliness, how people greet you and the general courtesy of opening doors for someone who is walking the same way is few of the small things which I love about it. American people are kind and generous. Americans like to eat on the run. It seems that 24 hours in a day is not enough to get things done, which excites me, as they are always on the move and doing something rather than just sitting and wasting time.

Q: What main differences took you longer to adjust to or understand during your experience at Tiffin?

The main difference was the education pattern which took some time for me to adjust. Back in my country, its mostly theoretical way of teaching whereas the education system here is mostly practical, with all assignments being completed in the technological devices. Also, the classrooms here are more spacious with fewer students, compared to back home where each class almost had 40 students. Attention is easily assigned to each student, and the availability of the professors is much more helpful. Because the size of the classroom is so big back home, not much attention is given to the students.

Q: What would you like international students to know most importantly about coming to Tiffin University?

International students should explore and live somewhere which is entirely different from the place where they grew up, and there is no better place than Tiffin. It is homey, safe and beautiful. Tiffin University and its faculty are always there to help and guide you through every decision – and the options for the courses are vast. Also, learning is fun, and this University makes it better. TU gives you the chance of meeting people you would never have met in your hometown, and you get to experience the weird college traditions like midnight breakfast – which is excellent!

Q: What has been your biggest achievement while you’ve been at Tiffin?

My most significant achievement has been making friends, who have turned into my family. Of course, I’ve had better grades and learned to adapt to an entirely new lifestyle, but without my friends, I would have had a hard time making it. If I had never made it to Tiffin, I would never have met these incredible souls.