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Tiffin University’s Drone Academy to Host First Annual Ohio Drone Agriculture Summit

Tiffin University’s Drone Academy will host its first annual Ohio Drone Agriculture Summit on December 2 from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Marion Center. The purpose of the summit is to inform and educate local, state and federal leaders and members of the farming community on how drone technology can aid modern agricultural efforts. The public is invited to attend.

This event will feature speakers from 19 Precision Agriculture and Avon Unmanned Aerial Services (Avon UAS) – two small businesses among the first to utilize drone technology for agricultural purposes in the state of Ohio. The following talking points will also be addressed:

●       Pre-planting assessments

●       Crop assessments

●       Precision spraying

●       Yield analysis

●       The future integration of new UAS technology

A current Tiffin University faculty project will be discussed as well. Dr. John Schupp, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Dr. Sushmita Gosh, Professor of Science will unveil their research into the environmental characteristics that influence plant and crop health. Their portion of the discussion will focus on how said findings can help determine the best ways to utilize UAS technology for the purposes of documentation, analysis and test field sampling.

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