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TU Transfer Story: Tiffin University is more than just another university – we are family.

Kayla’s transfer student story is one that may sound familiar for others, who are looking for the right place for their academic journey. When you step on TU’s campus, you’re stepping into a place you’ll call home for four years, building friendships that last a lifetime. With more than 40 club and recreational sports, student organizations and performing arts groups, your experience and the people you experience it with will provide a feeling of family and connectedness.

When you become a Dragon, we become family.

kayla ditta
Kayla Ditta

What is your name? Kayla Ditta

What is your major and year? Neuroscience/Sophomore

How long have you been a student at Tiffin? This is my first semester at Tiffin University.

What made you choose Tiffin? I chose to transfer to Tiffin University because when I looked into their academic and athletic programs it felt like a good fit for me and a place I could call home for the next three years.

What do you enjoy most about being at Tiffin? The thing I enjoy most about Tiffin is how close everything is and how most buildings on campus are less than a 5-minute walk away, as well as the overall supportive atmosphere produced by the staff.

Do you think Tiffin provides the support for your future career goals? Although the Neuroscience department at TU is relatively new, I have zero doubts about its ability to support me and my future career goals. DEC is also an amazing class to help you learn more about your future career and help prepare you for real-world experiences.

Are you happy with your decision to transfer to Tiffin? I am so happy I decided to transfer to TU because it helped me get introduced to my new friends that I can call my family.

What does it mean to you to be a transfer student? Being a transfer student is not about your past at your old school, it’s about finally being comfortable and happy at a place that was a better fit for you. While it may have been a better experience at your previous school for some, that doesn’t mean it’s a great experience for you, and that’s okay.

Is there any person that assisted you in your transferring decision that helped you get here? Two people that really helped me with my transfer decision were Carlos Santana and Jeff Faulkner. Carlos is a transfer student admissions counselor who made the transition to Tiffin University as seamless as possible and helped me with transfer paperwork that I may not have understood fully on my own, he also made sure to show me all the tools I needed to succeed here. Jeff Faulkner is my coach who was always supportive of the decisions I made and also made my transition to TU seamless. Jeff was able to introduce me to a group of girls that are hardworking, driven, and passionate about not only our sport but the academic side of it as well. These girls are an amazing support system for me and really helped to make a home away from home for me.

Any advice you would give a student questioning to transfer to a new school? Some advice I would give to other students looking to transfer is to trust your gut feeling, don’t wait or question if something doesn’t feel right. It’s better to give another school a shot at making your college experience better instead of waiting and hoping that things will eventually improve.

Final thoughts? To wrap up, I will say that Tiffin goes above and beyond for each and every student, both inside and outside the classroom, to make them feel comfortable and to thrive in whatever degree they are pursuing, as well as building a supportive community around them. Go Gons!!