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kimberly grogg

Meet Kim Grogg, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

We recently chatted with Kim Grogg who is the Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at Tiffin University and recruits for forensic psychology, government and national security and psychology. As an admissions counselor, here at Tiffin University. Kim had the opportunity of working with potential first-year students from all backgrounds, including those attending school right after high school and those with military or work experience. Kim helps process applications, meets with students and their guests when they are on campus, provides financial aid breakdown and explains so much more. Please enjoy our Q & A with Kim Grogg.

What is your background in your field?
I have worked in the Admissions office since my first year at TU (2014). It was my work study job! I started out making phone calls, helping out around the office and then began giving tours. I loved my time sharing campus with potential students and it seemed like such a natural step for me to then become an admissions counselor once I finished my undergraduate degree.

Why are you passionate about your field?
I am passionate about admissions because I love helping make the stressful and confusing college process make sense. I love Tiffin (both the school and city) and even more than that, I love helping others fall in love with all that Tiffin has to offer.

What areas or programs are you recruiting for?
I recruit the students who are interested in forensic psychology, government and national security and all psychology programs: addictions counseling, cross-cultural and international psychology and human services. When I travel for admissions, I travel out of state to places like Indianapolis and Chicago!

What advice would you give a person who is thinking about coming to Tiffin University to pursue their degree.
My advice would be to visit campus and meet with a professor in the field you are interested in. That is what I did and it really helped my parents and I understand what TU could offer me Academically. And the meeting gave me a connection to a professor even in the summer before I enrolled!

When talking with a perspective student what is one TU fact that you make sure to share?
I love sharing that Tiffin students will be required to complete an internship or job experience while in school. My internship at the Seneca County Victim Assistance Program changed my life and helped confirm my passion for victims’ rights and law!

What is TU’s biggest best kept secret?
Tiffin’s best kept secret is that Tiffin has AMAZING sunsets, fall leaves and clear nights for beautiful stargazing!

If you were a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians and pick a song to walk onto the field to, what would it be?
“I Don’t Dance” by the High School Musical 2 Cast

What’s your favorite TU memory?
I have so many amazing memories at TU! My favorite is probably when the forensic psychology professors coordinated a trip for ours classes to hear Dr. Zimbardo, of the infamous Stanford Prison Experiments, speak. We even got to meet him!