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noah heard

Meet Noah Heard, Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

We recently chatted with Noah Heard who is the Undergraduate Admissions Counselor and recruits for bachelor’s of business, undecided, accounting, computer sciences, finance and marketing. Noah speaks to prospective students and families about the opportunities we have here at Tiffin University. Please enjoy our Q & A with Noah Heard.

What is your background in your field?
I was a student here at TU, so I am able to share those experiences and insights with incoming students.

Why are you passionate about your field?
I am passionate because I have the opportunity to impact the lives of so many people and
many first-generation college students.

What areas or programs are you recruiting for?
I recruit for half of the school of business. The programs I recruit for are accounting, finance,
marketing and computer science.

What advice would you give a person who is thinking about coming to Tiffin University to pursue their degree?
Cherish every moment!

When talking with a prospective student, what is one TU fact that you make sure to share?
Tiffin, Ohio has the first building built and electrified at the same time.

What is TU’s biggest best kept secret?
There are squirrels everywhere and they are not afraid of humans.

If you were a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians and pick a song to walk onto the field to, what would it be?
Travis Scott’s “Don’t Play”

What’s your favorite TU memory?
My first college hit.