Emergency Contact Information

You must dial the 419 area code even for local off-campus calls

If in doubt, ALWAYS call 911

1) Mike Herdlick- Dean of Students 419-448-3582 / (cell) 419-618-5154

2) Jacob Simon - Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct 419-448-3421

4) Maintenance 419-448-3275

5) University Health Center (8am - 5pm M,T,Th) 8am - 8pm (W) 8am - Noon (F) 419-448-3429

6) Campus Security - Student Security 419-934-0721 or 419-448-5137

        **Bold numbers indicates University extensions**

24 Hour Access

Tiffin University 24-hour Assistance.....… 419-448-5137

Emergency …………… 911

Mercy Hospital ……… 419-455-7000

Tiffin Police Department 419-447-2323 (press 0 for Dispatch)

Fire (non-emergency) … 419-448-5444

Service Cab …………… 419-447-3232

To Report a fire, Always call 911

If the fire alarm goes off, exit the building.

Do not use elevators. Remember: Never disconnect smoke detectors! Tampering with fire alarms and fire safety equipment is a crime!

Tornado Storms

Tornado Watch – Conditions are favorable for the development of thunderstorms that have a strong capability of producing tornados

Tornado Warning – A tornado has been spotted and has indicated a developing tornado and you should seek shelter immediately:

If a Tornado Warning is issued, please seek shelter immediately: Go to basement:

Go into an interior, windowless room such as a closet or bathroom. Climb into the shower with a couch cushion or mattress over you.

Stay away from windows. Do not use elevator!

Safety Tips

Keep doors locked. Do not leave possessions unattended; take care of each other.