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On-Site and Virtual Training Opportunities

Through our Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness Commitment, Tiffin University is committed to training faculty, staff and students in cultural competence.

Building Cultural Competencies is a four-part training series that involves lectures, activities, interaction with colleagues, presentations and engaging learning experiences to help participants:

  • Demonstrate effective self-awareness and self-management on the job.
  • Navigate through cultural differences, both domestic and global, with an intended outcome of mutual understanding and respect.
  • Be aware of implicit biases and know how to regulate behavior appropriately.
  • Understand one’s Cultural Intelligence (CQ) assessment and know how to translate it into effective working relationships.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use the four CQ Strategies (Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action).
  • Build cultural understanding and intelligence within one’s organization.

The structure of the workshop introduced thought provoking information from engaging facilitators. Discussions at our tables yielded added levels of insight and reflection which then volleyed back to the larger group. The workshop added further value through sharing this experience with other HR professionals who brought to the session their own backgrounds and perspectives. The information and ah-ha moments gave everyone takeaways to challenge our current programs and approach to DEI&B.

— Miriam Posluszny / Business Development Representative at McGohan Brabender

The CCU training at Tiffin University pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me the opportunity to gain more knowledge of culture and its impact on personal and professional relationships. As a result of the training, I have learned to continually be self-aware and grow to understand and appreciate each unique culture.

— Ally Weinandy / Tiffin University Undergraduate Alum 2019, Current MBA Student

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for President Lillian Schumacher of Tiffin University regarding her efforts to transform TU into a learning organization focused on creating culturally conscious global students. More than a year ago, she and her advisory council began a program aimed at transforming TU into a culturally aware and sensitive university where cultural intelligence is to be taught at all levels. As such, one of her first steps was to enroll herself and her senior staff in the training certification course, Building Cultural Competencies in Organizations. I have worked with many organizations over the year, yet this is the first one where the president, as well as the senior staff, participated fully. Dr. Schumacher offers a unique perspective regarding cultural intelligence. A first-generation US citizen, Dr. Schumacher is keenly aware of the challenges associated with introducing such an endeavor to a small university. Yet, she welcomes the challenge with open arms.

I have known Dr. Schumacher since 2002 when she first enrolled at my university. As she took courses from me, I realized quickly that there was something special about her. She not only completed her master’s but earned her Doctorate as well. I continue to be impressed with her enthusiasm and intellect. She maintains the highest of ethical standards and works hard to bring rigor and innovation to her work.

It is this astuteness that guides Dr. Schumacher as she works to transform her university into a cutting-edge institution focused on creating global leaders for the future. There is no question that we should applaud her efforts. I know I certainly do.

— Jane V. Wheeler, Ph.D. / Associated Professor (retired), Bowling Green State University

My favorite activity was the bracelet activity. It was a great visual way to see what my world looks like and how that frames my point of view. This was a great reflection tool I think all people should try.

— Higher Education Member / Toledo, Ohio

The DEI&B event at McGohan Brabender put on by Tiffin’s team was so eye-opening. I had so many ah-ha moments! Sharing with the other members of the group was a huge benefit – the discussion prompts given really opened attendees up to share their own struggles, some things I would never even consider. They also had a great way of sharing stories that made connections for me on when I could be more considerate of other’s views, lives, and situations. I really felt like I left a better leader and team member

— Beth Ferrin / CFO at McGohan Brabender
To truly stand out, we must not feel compelled to fit in.