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Building Cultural Competencies within your Organization

Building Cultural Capacities is designed to help individuals strengthen their awareness and understanding about Cultural Intelligence (CQ), as well as, enable them to have the ability to work better with people who are different from themselves, and to develop skills to interact better with individuals both professionally and personally. TU is offering this training to assist cultural understanding in any workplace and situation.

This program is designed specifically with multiple options that an organization can use to build a program that will:

  • Build a baseline of cultural understanding and intelligence within the organization.
  • Continuously build on that the key concepts covered in the training, including:
    • Understanding and intelligence of:
      • Self-Awareness
      • Self-Accountability
      • Adaptive Communication
      • Foresight
      • Cultural awareness and sensitivity

The goal of this program is for participants to think deeply about their cultural perspectives with the goal of advocating for others by “stepping up” with courage and respect for the sake of valuing others who are different from them and by creating a workplace environment that celebrates, welcomes and respects differences.

The program is designed to educate and train the groups within the organization by providing them with tools, resources and on-the-job skills to most effectively attain this self-awareness.

Overall Outcomes

To provide the knowledge, skills, tools, and perspectives to build competencies that will allow participants to:

  • First and foremost, understand self and manage self in order to most effectively exhibit positive leadership;
  • Demonstrate the ability to hold oneself accountable, with respect to recognition of cultural perspectives;
  • Understand others’ perspectives and how these perspectives are essential for not only a more productive workplace but an environment where better decisions are made because of the breadth of thought and viewpoints;
  • Practice and value the art of active listening and appropriate follow-up for shared understanding of communication outcomes;
  • Comprehend the complexities of human behavior and the impact on organizational dynamics.

For more information, view the CIE brochure here. 

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“I was so impressed with the entire training session. The most eye opening activity was one with 20 index cards, which made us look and see who we are because of the influences we have around us. It showcased what we have and what we are missing in a visual way. That really put my life into perspective for me and it was very emotional.”

— Higher Education Member / Toledo, Ohio

“The team from Tiffin was such a breath of fresh air for our Division of Student Affairs. When COVID hit and we were unable to be in person, they adapted everything to a virtual environment and facilitated an engaging, thought-provoking, and personal training for 65 professional staff over three sessions. Our team still talks about how much they enjoyed and benefitted from the moments of introspection and the team development aspects.”

— Krissy Creager, Ph.D. / Vice Chancellor for Enrollment and the Student Experience, Purdue University Fort Wayne
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