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Human Resources

TU: A Community of Caring, Dedicated People

Tiffin University’s Human Resources Department is the place where real opportunities lead to your real success. TU is a community of caring, dedicated people, and our job in Human Resources is to help meet your personal needs. We offer a variety of services and assistance, and also depend on you for your suggestions. Whether you need an answer to a question or have the next great idea, please stop by or call us.

Why should you come join the team here at TU? Easy: We care about people. 

employees smiling and enjoying the amazing dragon race orientation

Founded in 1888, TU started its journey with a strong sense of community and dedication that has not left us, even as we stride forward into a new innovative era. At TU, we have a passion for people and for education. A career with TU looks like a caring and supportive environment with experienced faculty and staff. We embrace and celebrate diversity and inclusion and, moreover, have become known internally and externally as an institution that educates, develops and prepares individuals for the realities of the world in which we live and work. 

We want our team members to not only succeed, but flourish. The first step for our team is the employee onboarding.

employees smiling and enjoying the amazing dragon race orientation

employees smiling and enjoying the amazing dragon race orientation







Tiffin University’s Amazing Race event is taking our new employee onboarding to the next level! This event builds lifelong friendships across divisions of specialties and outside of their normal environment. We pair these individuals in teams at random, with colleagues they do not normally get to work with. This is an event of building the employee experience from the beginning, but enriches the importance of our vision and mission.  The Amazing Race sets the tone that we are truly a dragon family, who support, learn, and celebrate each other.

Watch Video 

Watch Video

Real Resources, Free To TU Employees & Your Immediate Family Members

Tiffin University has joined with Summit – Promedica to offer our employees and your immediate family members the Summit Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This free benefit is a confidential service that provides professional counseling and community resource information.

The Summit EAP has licensed professionals that can assist you in dealing with a wide variety of personal issues including:

  • Marital or relationship concerns
  • Stress at home or work
  • Eldercare or childcare concerns
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Career development

The Summit EAP can also help you with other issues not on the above list. For direct assistance, contact Summit EAP at either their Findlay office 419.424.1471 or Fremont office 419.334.6669.

If you have any questions or need further information from TU’s Human Resources Department, call us at 567.268.6046.

Tiffin University belongs to two separate tuition exchange programs, Tuition Exchange, Inc. and the CIC (Council of Independent Colleges) Tuition Exchange Program. Some schools, like TU, will appear on both lists.


The parent(s) must be a full-time employee of Tiffin University and eligibility to participate in one of the tuition exchange programs is determined by the Office of Human Resources.

Dependent eligibility offers your dependent(s) the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. Each individual institution determines their admission criteria, the amount of the scholarships offered and the timeline for their process.

Students must meet all academic and admission requirements and expect to/or already be matriculated in a program leading to their first baccalaureate degree. Eligible dependents are sponsored for maximum of four years (8 semesters or 12 quarters) of full-time undergraduate attendance. Summer sessions are generally excluded from this scholarship.

Starting the Process

1. You and your student should review the list of participating schools. Tuition Exchange, Inc. and CIC

2. Contact TU’s tuition exchange liaison officer, Nadia Lewis, 419.448.3433 and complete the TU Application for Benefits 

3. View the Tuition Exchange, Inc. website or contact the liaison officer of each institution to for the following information:

  • How many scholarships will be awarded?
  • What percentage of tuition exchange applicants receives a scholarship?
  • What are the criteria used to award scholarships?
  • What is the dollar value of the scholarship (this may not be full tuition)?
  • Is preference given to Early Decision admission?
  • When is the award notification sent out?
  • What are the requirements for renewal?

4. The student should begin the application process for each school.

5. If the student decides not to apply to, or attend, one of the schools please notify the admissions office at the other school and the TU’s liaison officer.

Notification of Scholarship

Notification of scholarship varies from institution to institution. Many schools notify students shortly after admission and others wait until April 1. You should contact the individual school to determine their notification schedule. Admission to a university does not guarantee awarding of the scholarship.

Notification and Acceptance of a Tuition Exchange Scholarship

Your student will be notified of admission and/or a Tuition Exchange scholarship directly from the awarding institution. The student must accept or reject the offer within the guidelines and deadlines of that institution. We strongly encourage your student to contact every school they applied to as soon as he/she decides which school to accept admission to, especially if your student is awarded a Tuition Exchange Scholarship at more than one school. Many schools are limited in the number of scholarships they are able to award and your notification to them could be very important to another student. If you have questions, please contact Nadia Lewis 419.448.3433 or

Renewing a Tuition Exchange Scholarship

Eligible dependent(s) must be re-certified each year by Tiffin University’s Office of Human Resources and the liaison officer. Print and complete the Application for Benefits.

If you still have questions about Tuition Exchange, please check out our Tuition Exchange FAQs.

The Programs…….

TUITION EXCHANGE, Inc. (TE) – link –

This program provides the opportunity for dependents of our full-time faculty and staff to apply for competitive scholarships to other member institutions – over 580 colleges and universities.

TE requires a balance between the number of tuition exchange students “exported” from TU to other member colleges with those it “imports” or enrolls.  An imbalance may result in a limited number of export opportunities.  Please see the Tiffin University Personnel Handbook for more information on employee and student eligibility.  Keep in mind that an application approved by TU for export does not guarantee that the potential importing school will award the scholarship.

CIC Council of Independent Colleges, Tuition Exchange Program.

While this program does not require a balance between exports and imports, the receiving institution may limit the number of new scholarships to three each year.  Approval of the application on the part of TU does not guarantee that the receiving institution will award the scholarship.  Dependents of full-time employees may be approved for participation without considering the parent’s seniority.

What you need to know about Tuition Assistance

Q1. Who is eligible?

Dependent children of full-time Tiffin University employees as determined by the Office of Human Resources. Students must meet all academic and admission requirements of the institution they wish to attend, and be matriculated in a program of student leading to their first baccalaureate degree. Students need not be admitted prior to applying for the tuition exchange benefit.

Q2. How many years can my dependent receive sponsorship by Tiffin University?

Dependents of TU employees are sponsored for this benefit for a maximum of four years (8 semesters or 12 quarters) of full-time undergraduate study. Summer sessions are generally excluded from this scholarship.

Q3. How do I find the schools that are most likely to meet my student’s needs?

The Tuition Exchange, Inc. website includes a college search feature. View participating institutions

Q4. What schools are on the list?

The most comprehensive and current listing is on the Tuition Exchange website or the CIC website

Q5. If I am an eligible employee, is my dependent guaranteed the tuition exchange scholarship?

No, your benefit allows your dependent the opportunity to apply for the scholarship. The number of scholarships offered and the criteria used for the selection of recipients are solely up to each member institution. For some of the schools these are highly competitive scholarships. Check each school’s website to find out what percentage of scholarships are awarded to applicants.

Q6. What does the scholarship cover?

The actual dollar value is determined by the tuition charged by the host college. Most scholarships cover full tuition. However, any school that charges more than the minimum set by the Tuition Exchange, Inc. may opt to award the minimum amount. Student fees, course fees, course overloads, room and board are not covered. Some schools may choose to award a scholarship that also covers on-campus room.

Q7. Are there any restrictions placed on a tuition exchange scholarship by the host institution?

Full-time enrollment is a definite requirement. Many schools also have a minimum GPA for renewal and students may be required to file for federal and state aid. If the school awards housing, the student will be required to live on-campus in order to receive that amount. We strongly encourage families to contact each school they are interested in applying to for details.

Q8. When should my student and I apply?

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE STUDENT HAS BEEN ADMITTED! Many schools have early deadlines for receiving tuition exchange applications the best time to apply for the tuition exchange scholarship is at the same time you apply for admission. This is usually in the fall of the student’s senior year of high school. Remember that applying for admission, and applying for a tuition exchange scholarship are two separate processes!

Q9. Where do I get the paperwork to apply?

Contact the liaison officer for information or download the document 

Beth Leary 419.448.3407, or Nadia Lewis 419.448.3433,

Q10. Who sends out the scholarship applications?

Once Human Resources certifies eligibility, the tuition exchange application will be forwarded to the TE liaison officer for processing. The liaison officer then submits the application online (Tuition Exchange, Inc.) or by mail (CIC).

Q11. When will we find out if my dependent received a scholarship?

It varies by institution. Many schools notify the student shortly after admission. Other schools may wait until April 1. It is best to contact the host institution directly with questions like this.

Q12. My dependent received a scholarship offer! Now what do we do?

Congratulations! Now you must accept or reject the offer within the guidelines and deadlines of that school. We strongly encourage students to contact each and every school they have applied to as soon as their decision is made. If the student is awarded a scholarship at more than one school it is very important for the school to know if the student will accept or not. Many schools are limited in the number of scholarships they are able to award and are forced to put students on a waiting list.

Q13. Who do I contact here at the university for more information?

Beth Leary 419.448.3407, or Nadia Lewis 419.448.3433,

The City of Tiffin

Tiffin University is located in scenic Tiffin, Ohio. Check out the brochure below to learn more about our city. 

Meet the team

alexandria beuoy

Alexandria Beuoy

Human Resources
Human Resources Generalist
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Degrees & Certificates

B.B.A. in Management: Human Resources with a minor in Accounting and Finance, Tiffin University

Alexandria Beuoy is the Human Resources Generalist at Tiffin University located in Tiffin, OH. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration concentrated in Human Resource Management from Tiffin University and will continue on to obtain her Masters of Business Administration concentrated in Human Resource Management from Tiffin University. She has been in the field of Human Resources since 2019 between the corporate and higher education industry.  Alexandria is certified in CCU@TU (Building Cultural Competencies in Organizations) and Mental Health First Aid.

nadia lewis

Nadia Lewis

Human Resources
Vice President for Human Resources and the Center for InterculTUral Excellence
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B.A. in International Business, University of Cincinnati
Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership with a focus in Human Resource Management along with a certification in Strategic Global Organizational Leadership, Colorado Global