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Under the leadership of President Schumacher, TU has embarked on this initiative to strengthen our approach to diversity. We are a workplace which demonstrates a culture of openness to diversity of thought and action. TU’s administrators, faculty, staff and domestic and foreign students show a stronger attitude of embracing, welcoming and leveraging diversity. We have entitled this initiative, Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness, because not only is the culture at TU unique from the other academic institutions, but we are all unique. This is something to be understood, but respected and celebrated.

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Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness (CCU)

The initiative to strengthen our approach to diversity and inclusion in order to be able to demonstrate a culture of openness to diversity of thought and action; so we could do better. TU administrators, faculty, staff and students wanted to show a strong attitude for embracing, welcoming, and celebrating diversity and inclusion and, moreover, become known internally and externally as an institution that educates, develops and prepares individuals for the realities of the world in which we live and work.

At Tiffin University, we have more than one culture at play; the campus culture and the individual culture each person encompasses. We call the now commitment to Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness our response to diversity and inclusion not only because TU’s culture is unique from other academic institutions, but because we are all unique. Uniqueness is to be understood, respected and celebrated.

From our Human Resources office, “We are committed to building and developing diverse teams so that we can better inspire, support and serve the multifaceted cultures and identities of our students”.

Check out some of the most recent additions to the Dragon Family, and their views on the importance of CCU.

stephen sanney headshot

“As Assistant Dean of Student Life, my role involves working with colleagues to shape an inclusive student experience and ensure everyone feels safe and supported at Tiffin University. My responsibilities also involve holding individuals accountable through the student conduct process and maintaining an environment that promotes civility, dignity, and respect. I am committed to doing the necessary work and enacting the required change to ensure that our stated values align with our campus policies and practices.”

– Stephen Sanney, Assistant Dean of Student Life

chandler minnard headshot

“Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness is a very important initiative that I fully support! Without CulTUral Uniqueness, we would be leaving so many incredible opportunities to grow into better people and citizens in society. I strive to provide as many CulTUral Uniqueness opportunities as possible for Tiffin University.”

Chandler Minnard, Head Women’s Wrestling Coach

caylee creeger headshot

“CulTUral Uniqueness is an amazing initiative that Tiffin University continues to deliver to not only their students but their faculty and staff here on campus. This initiative bands together people of all differences and allows for the continued growth and expansion of the university. I believe this initiative is important in the way we interact on a regular basis and the overall embrace and feeling of comfort we provide for those around us!”

Caylee Creeger, Financial Aid Counselor

eid saad

“We should be treated the same way, and we should consider ourselves on this campus as a family who loves and respect each other. I would love to see everyone be proud to be in the Dragon family and do their best in their part to show that we love everyone joining our family, no matter where you are from or what you believe. We are the Dragon family and happy to have you.”

Eid Alsubaie, Public Relations Specialist, Middle East

cassie bump headshot

“I have a sincere appreciation for the CulTUral Uniqueness here at TU. There is strength within diversity that unifies us as a community. It is important to value and respect the differences of everyone so that we may grow as individuals with broadened, more educated perspectives.”

Cassie Bump, Head Cheer and STUNT Coach 

james gilmer headshot

“E pluribus unum — from many, one. The motto of the United States seems to me particularly apt to Tiffin University, a single community built up from many. Celebrating each of these unique cultural backgrounds is an essential element of what makes Tiffin a flourishing community. Through the Celebrating Cultural Uniqueness initiative at Tiffin University, we learn to embrace the things that make us unique and celebrate the vibrant traditions which our students, staff, and faculty bring to life on campus while learning to work harmoniously together — an educational journey that I am excited to embark upon!”

– James Gilmer, User Services Librarian


elisha tyree

“Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness is an amazing initiative that embraces the similarities and differences in all of us! Life is full of interactions and it is our responsibility to be accountable for celebrating, accepting, and recognizing all individuals that pass through our journey. Being a supportive role model and encouraging an environment that fosters uniqueness is a commitment I will have towards anyone who passes through my journey here at Tiffin University.”

– Elisha Tyree, Online Academic Advisor


mitchell faine headshot

“Celebrating CulTUral Uniqueness is an initiative that is very important and that I fully support. It allows students and staff to celebrate their uniqueness while at the same team being part of a supportive community. I am committed to providing opportunities to all students and student-athletes regarding CCU in hopes to encourage them to celebrate themselves and continue to grow as individuals.”

 – Mitchell Faine, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach


heidi marshall
“One of the reasons I chose to attend and become a member of the Tiffin University family is because of the University’s commitment to the CulTUral Uniqueness of its student body, athletic teams, and employees.  I want to be a part of continuing TU’s support and belief in such an important initiative.“– Heidi Marshall, Assistant to the Vice President of Athletics