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Copyright Infringement Policy

Tiffin University requires faculty, staff, and students to comply with all federal regulations related to copyright and the protection of intellectual property, including Title 17 and the TEACH Act. The University recognizes its obligation to inform members of the campus community about copyright law and the appropriate use of copyright-protected materials. All members of the University community are responsible for complying with University guidelines regarding the legal use of copyrighted materials, regardless of their format or the purpose of that use, and for complying with the requirements of copyright law. This includes compliance with University acceptable use policies, licensing restrictions, and permissions procedures where applicable. Faculty, staff, and students shall not exercise any rights under copyright law in a work owned by others unless those stipulations fall within the parameters allowed by Title 17 and the TEACH Act. In addition, members of the Tiffin University community who willfully disregard this policy do so at their own risk and assume any liability, which may include criminal and/or civil penalties.


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