Bachelor of Criminal Justice


Rehabilitation, safety and advocacy: exemplary conduct of a noble profession in today’s correctional system. Become an authority in ensuring the safety and welfare of citizens with classes in probation, parole, case management and crisis intervention. Our program will prepare you for a career advocating for juveniles to managing criminals and ensure their safety and welfare throughout their path.

The Backbone Of The American Justice System

As a Tiffin University graduate with a major in Corrections, you will be part of the backbone of the American Justice System. The Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ) Corrections major is designed for students who are interested in understanding and working with criminal offenders. Through this major, you will be equipped to handle the dynamic nature of the largest facet of the criminal justice system. The program focuses on the relationship of the field of corrections to the broader criminal justice system, as well as the evaluation and treatment of offenders in community supervision, custodial and community-based facilities


A Strong Academic Foundation

The major is structured to give our students sufficient background in legal issues, management, history, social work and counseling that effectively augment the knowledge and skills they develop in the criminal justice core curriculum. A strong emphasis is placed on providing the latest perspectives on offender reentry, population management strategies, offender motivation, theory and policy that will provide you with the requisite educational foundation to effect positive outcomes in offender management.


Our Faculty: Working Professionals With Real-World Experience

Our Corrections program offers students the unique opportunity to interact with working professionals from the field. Our faculty come from the correctional environment and bring to the classroom their professional practice experiences from working in prisons, jails, parole, court security, counseling, and international field work.

Our faculty’s professional practice experience offers you, the student, an innovative blend of theory and practice that is crucial for effective professional education. In addition, our faculty take you into the field and let you explore the correctional environment first-hand, which allows you to gain a better understanding of the classroom instruction.


Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA)

To be a sworn police officer in Ohio, you must successfully complete the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA). Tiffin University partners with Terra State Community College to include the cost of the academy in tuition and can be earned in just one semester.

This unique training academy is state mandated for all police officers and covers firearms, legal administration, human relations, traffic, patrol, driving, subject control, investigations, civil disorder, physical conditioning and other aspects of law enforcement. Students apply direct, hands-on practice in the crime lab, firing range and police cruisers. With experienced, certified instructors and hands-on application, our students consistently achieve passing rates on the state-certified exam.

Once graduates of the program earn the certification, they are immediately eligible for full-time employment.


“Tiffin University gave me my best friend and pushed me to my highest potential. The OPOTA program put me ahead in the hiring process and my bachelor’s degree set me apart from other candidates.”

Cassidy Ralph
Hometown: Marion, Ohio
Graduation: Spring, 2019
Major: Bachelor of Criminal Justice in Law Enforcement
Position: Police Officer with the City of Marysville Division of Police

Core Curriculum of the School of Criminal Justice 18 hours
Corrections Major 42 hours

  • COR120 Correctional Thought and Practice
  • COR231 Juvenile Justice Systems
  • COR245 Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections
  • COR336 Constitutional Rights of Prisoners
  • COR420 Agency Management
  • ENF293 Criminology
  • FOR105 Victimology
  • FOR344 Psychology of Violence and Aggression
  • FOR423 Case Management
  • FOR430 Crisis Intervention Strategies
  • FOR347 Sex Crimes
  • FOR365 Drugs and Society
  • PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY362 Abnormal Behavior

Total Bachelor of Criminal Justice hours 121


This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

On Campus - Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of January and August

Online - Offered in two terms per semester starting in January, March, May, July, August and October

There are no related concentrations available

Correctional Thought and Practice (COR120) - An in-depth analysis of correctional alternatives available for the treatment of the offender. Emphasis will focus on the traditional correctional facilities as well as probation, parole and community corrections alternatives.

Juvenile Justice Systems (COR231) - The history, concepts, and scope of the juvenile justice system and its contrast with the adult system of justice. Includes an analysis of the juvenile justice process from initial intervention of delinquency and status offenses by law enforcement personnel and others through release from intervention.

Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections (COR245) - Course is designed to address the two common options to the imprisonment of a convicted offender. Theoretical approaches regarding the philosophical as well as the practical aspects of these alternatives are considered.

Constitutional Rights of Prisoners (COR336) - An in-depth study of the wide range of court decisions that have had an effect on the offender. Concentrates on due process in the institutions, parole and probation hearings and classification procedures. 

Agency Management (COR420) - This course analyzes some of the distinct differences between public and private management. The theory of controlling, organizing, planning, directing and assembling resources is covered. Students will develop a course project designed to cover the concepts explored in this course.

  • Adult / Juvenile Probation
  • Corrections
  • Highway Patrol Officer
  • Corporate Security
  • County Sheriff’s Deputy
  • Criminal Investigator / Detective
  • Fraud Investigator
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Parole Officer
  • Police Officer / Program Administrator
  • Prosecutor’s Office Investigator
  • Special Agent

While it is extremely competitive to obtain such appointments, TU alumni have gone on to careers in these agencies:

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • Federal Probation Offices
  • County Sheriff’s Offices
  • Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections
  • Department of Youth Services
  • Local Jails
  • State Correctional Facilities
  • State Probation Offices

If you want to learn more about our online or on-campus programs for working adults, click here.


  • “I began my collegiate journey at Purdue University, where I was recruited out of high school. After a few years there I decided it was best if I left and went somewhere else. I didn't really explore many options outside if Tiffin. I knew the coaches here and knew that at the end of the day, even without athletics, I could see myself attending the university. I didn’t look at the size of TU as a deciding factor, I looked more at the people that were there and the quality of education and the product that was offered - and it was the best fit for me.”

    Coy Blair
    Class of 2017, MBA Graduation 2019
    Logan, Ohio

    Students in game room
  • “There is always gonna be a little doubt in any person's mind when it comes to new things. But for me, I think proving people, who said I couldn't do it, wrong is my biggest motivation. There's really nothing that seems impossible to me anymore, the world is constantly changing and I feel like I am much more capable of adapting to those changes now compared to when I was walking on to TU's campus for the first time.”

    Alexandra Tozzie
    Class of 2018
    Louisville, Colorado

    Students in game room
  • "TU gave me the extra boost needed to move forward with accomplishing my dream of becoming a small business owner. With the help and encouragement of my professors and coach, I was able to take that leap into the business world knowing I could not succeed if I did not take risks."

    – Emily Miller

    "TU gave me the extra boost needed to move forward with accomplishing my dream of becoming a small business owner. With the help and encouragement of my professors and coach, I was able to take that leap into the business world knowing I could not succeed
  • Xin Guo
    "The aspects of Tiffin University that I really like include low tuition cost and the fact that there are generous scholarships available for international students. Tiffin’s quiet atmosphere makes it easy to concentrate on your studies, but the surrounding cities have plenty to explore including a vibrant entertainment scene.”

    - Xin Guo, China

    Xin Guo
  • Sean M Durocher - Class of 2015
    "Tiffin University was my top choice when searching for colleges. I knew with nationally recognized Criminal Justice Programs, I would receive the best education for my future career goals. Because my undergraduate experience was so positive and rewarding, I have pursued my Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice at TU working as a graduate assistant for First-Year Programs. As a GA, I have been able to give back to an institution that has given so much to me and my fellow classmates. Go Dragons!”

    – Sean M. Durocher, Class of 2015

    Sean M Durocher - Class of 2015

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