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sean durocher

Campus Safety and Security – What do I need to know?

by Rebecca Kielbasa

When a student moves away from home and on to a college campus, those who are left back at home want to make sure they are as safe as possible and taken care of. Here at TU we feel the same way. The safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance to us. We sat down with Sean Durocher, Director of Campus Safety and Security, to talk about our Campus Safety and Security team, along with everything else you need to know as the loved one back at home.

What kind of public safety department is on campus? Are police stationed on campus or does TU partner with the local departments?

Campus Safety and Security is a non-sworn public safety department that is primarily student run and overseen by a full-time Director and graduate assistant. To ensure the safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors, we provide 24-hour support of the campus community. Tiffin University does not have police on campus. However, the University works jointly with the Tiffin Police Department.

What does the campus security staff do on a day-to-day basis?

Campus Safety and Security provides multiple services to the campus community. During business hours, the staff processes parking passes, provided room unlocks, and vehicle unlocks. The staff can also process lost and found items, surveillance requests, complaints and SafeWalk requests. Outside of business hours, the staff patrols campus, the residence halls and apartments, secures buildings across campus and maintains the same services as office hours.

What crime prevention features are in place?

Cameras, lighting, and access control are used to prevent crimes on campus. In addition, the staff patrolling campus helps prevent crime.

What kinds of training do campus security officers receive?

The Campus Safety and Security officers receive multiple training sessions. To begin, the officers are trained on the campus and department policies and procedures. The officers are also trained in Bystander Intervention, SafeZone training, Verbal Judo, mental health de-escalation, role-play incident training, room search training, and other departmental related trainings.

How will TU communicate in the case of an emergency?

TU will communicate emergencies through our emergency communications software called Rave. You can sign up for this emergency notification service here.

Are there any transportation services available? If so, what kind?

Our Department provides a service called SafeWalk. This service is a personal escort for an individual who does not feel safe to walk to their destination. The individual can call the 24/7 Security number to request this service.

What are this years’, or the most recent, campus crime statistics?

Campus Crime statistics can be found here.

How does a student reach campus security?

A student can reach security by calling 419.934. 0721, by emailing and by stopping in our office, which is located in the Gillmor Student Center.