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madeline hayes

CCP student, athlete and the TU experience

Transitioning from CCP classes to Tiffin University a hop, skip and a jump for Madeline Hayes.

One year ago Madeline Hayes was taking Tiffin University College Credit Plus (CCP) classes while attending her local high school. Not only has the transition to a full-time college student been seamless in the classroom, but Madeline is leaping over obstacles out of the classroom as well. In her first year of Track and Field she has hit the NCAA provisional mark for indoors as well as broken the school record twice.

Enjoy our chat with Madeline Hayes.

What is the difference between high school and college classes?
The pace in which you are tested on the material is much faster, allowing a quicker response on how well you have learned it. It gives you a lot more responsibility to complete the assignments on time which creates a higher feeling of accomplishment.

What have you enjoyed most about your high school?
The opportunities to express your own interests and then be able to excel in those areas.

What activities are you involved in outside of the classroom?
I’m involved in service organizations, music groups and sports teams.

What have you gained from your CCP experience?
I feel more confident going into college classes, having already gone through some in high school.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome?
I am more comfortable talking to professors now.

What is interesting to you about Tiffin University?
It is very diverse, which is how I’ve grown up, and I love that. It’s small enough to be personalized, but not too small. Although sports are big, they make it clear that academics are more important, unlike other schools.

How do you see yourself getting involved in the campus community?
I am majoring in forensic science and plan to join the Air Force once I graduate to immediately use my degree. I plan to get more involved by being on the track team and finding areas for me to volunteer.

Tell me about an influential person in your life (teacher, coach, etc.).
My father is a very influential person in my life, due to his difficult childhood. He has a great job and family now, and has overcome all the hurdles that life has thrown at him.

How has your CCP experience helped to transition into a full time college student?
My CCP experience has given me a preview as to what will be expected of me in college classes. Only having class once or twice a week was a difficult transition for me and CCP helped made it a lot easier when all of my classes became this way. Also, by taking CCP classes, I eliminated some general education courses allowing me to start taking my major courses earlier on in my college career.

What campus activities are you involved in?
I am on the track and field team as a pole vaulter, as well as involved in Circle K.

What has been a highlight of your first year so far?
The highlight of my first year so far has been being able to share success and failure as an individual as well as a team with my teammates, especially the vertical jumps squad. I have created relationships and memories already that are priceless.

What is one thing you are looking forward to this year at TU?
I am looking forward to traveling with the track team, making more memories, breaking more records and scheduling my classes for next semester to get even more into my major classes.