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Our brand does the incredibly complex work of bringing those hard-to-put-your-finger-on and difficult-to-express feelings to the surface that give people a reason to believe – and ultimately choose us with conviction. 

Our Story

Our Purpose: Transforming lives through education.

Mission: Educate students by linking knowledge to professional practice.

Vision: A premier university for challenging students to enhance their global competencies and 21st century skills, for success in a diverse world.

Our Motto: Without risk, there is no gain.

Positioning Statement: Tiffin University is an entrepreneurially fueled, private university that invests in and empowers a diverse university community to fulfill its potential. By living its “without risk, there is no gain” motto, TU provides a practical, affordable and memorable experience that is distinctive in higher education today. 

Tagline: Challenge Conventional Wisdom


Primary typeface: FF Franziska – can be used for everything with its versatile 20 weights – such as healdines, sub-headlines, callouts, pulled quotes, body copy and all digital/ web publications.

Secondary typeface: Montserrat – can be used for sub-headlines, callouts and small copy. 

TU Logo and Mark

The university logo is the defining feature of our brand. Our logo is composed of our name “Tiffin University” and our TU mark. There are several configurations of our brand logo, as seen below. Never recreate the Tiffin University logo or alter the colors, font or alignment of the logo. 

Athletic Logos Only

How to Obtain the TU Logo and Mark

To use and gain acess to the TU logo and mark that are different from above, fill out a request for a specific design. 

Incorrect Logos

Below is a collection of outdated or unapproved logos. If you are currently using these logos, please update your files to the newer versions.


To truly stand out, we must not feel compelled to fit in.